Martial Arts and The Fist and the Glove!

The Fist and the Glove!

 Good Morning!

Now do some stretches,

and make the day go right

by working out!

I had an interesting conversation during class

the other night.

I’m not teaching large classes these days,

I’m sort of gearing to a transition to Monkeyland,

so I teach a small bunch,

and I work on curriculum

the line up of arts I teach,

how to matrix them to best effect

so I can turn out a bunch of maniac monks

in the shortest time possible.


after I get a student through

the basics of karate and kung fu,

get him going on the grab arts,

and know that he pretty much understands

everything there is to understand in the martial arts

I start talking about something I call

the glove and the fist.

Anybody can be a fist,

but who can be a glove?

That asked,

being a glove is so simple

that it is hard.

Simply give up things like

anger and fear and tears

and those sorts of things

and see the world as it really is.

If somebody throws a fist at you

are you going to be a fist or a glove?

Do you understand?


the trick is simple,

don’t be apart from him,

be with him.

So what if he is your enemy,

so what if he is angry.

Just accept him,


and take the fist for what it is…

a gift.

A fist thrown in anger

if received the right way,

can help you lose your own anger,

defeat yourself,

rise above yourself

and find the source of your true humanity.

I know,

we go to the movies

and we are thrilled with the concept

of smackin’ some fool,

of beating the bad guys,

of being the hero and getting the girl.

Much harder to find yourself.

To put aside the Hollywood scripts

and learn how to embrace your fellow man

when he is at his angriest.

But isn’t that what the true art is all about?

Not fighting,

it’s easy to fight,

it is easy to hit, hurt, punch, maim, destroy…

it’s hard to open your heart and say

‘thank you for that punch,

I’ll try not to hurt it.’

So think about that when you are working out,

when you are learning how to break a knee

or knock a guy out,

or other such good things.

Those are the tools that we must learn

so that we can put them aside.

And remember,

if you don’t learn them,

you can’t really put them aside.


here is the art I am teaching

when I start talking to my fellows

about the fist and the glove.

Okey donkey
have a great work out.

zen martial arts
This has been a page about how to have a powerful martial arts fist.

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