Old Time Karate Is No Longer!

The Death of Classical Karate

When it comes to old time Karate, I was there. By that, I mean that I was learning Karate back in the late sixties and early seventies, and modern karate bears almost no similarity to that old style of martial arts.

And, I should say that I studied other arts, and what I have just said is true for virtually every other martial arts I have seen.

Mind you, this is not always bad. Sometimes arts have become more efficient, training methods have been shared to the improvement of all, and people are often getting a high quality martial art.

Unfortunately, sometimes the opposite is true, arts have become talk the talk things, and lost structure and speed and strength and all manner of things.

The real point that I am making here is that the old time martial arts were what we called ‘closed combat systems.’

In a closed combat system there is a specific end product, often a state of mind, a spiritual advancement, enlightenment, whatever you want to call it.

The result was often the manifestation of sixth sense abilities, of the ability to use the martial arts, to appreciate the martial arts, on levels far beyond the simple brutality evidenced by some karate schools in modern times.

The Martial Arts are more than just how to kneecap little Johnny because he doesn’t want to share his lunch money, they are an evolution of spirit.

Unfortunately, too ┬ámany people want to watch thuggery matches whereby people’s arms are jerked out of the socket, teeth are dislodged, and blood flies.

Yes, you have to be able to do that stuff, and efficiently, but shouldn’t there be a higher purpose to what you are doing?

Shouldn’t there be a state of mind which, instead of proposing violence as the solution, presents peace as the end product?

This, incidentally, is one of the important points of matrixing the martial arts, and of neutronics.

It is not just about survival, it is about seeking existence as.

As what, I will leave to you, but the hint lies in the study of the old time karate, and the classical martial arts.

zen martial arts

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