How to Learn ALL Martial Arts!


Step Aside Bruce Lee…I’m Going to Learn All Martial Arts!

Happy Columbus Day!

It took Columbus 33 days to discover America.

I know,

people think it took 3 to 6 months,

but, no.

a month,

a lousy month.

So I came across that,

and I started thinking about that,

and I thought I’d shoot a few facts across your bow.

Chris Columbus took a month,

his men worked 24/7

and they whined a lot.

Gonna fall off the edge of the world.

It takes the United States Army

3-4 months to make a soldier.

This is a high tech warrior

capable of making effective war

anywhere on the planet.

He is in better condition than a black belt

and he is trained in a system

wherein the instructors chose techniques

that saved their lives

in real life conditions of war.

Oh, and BTW, he doesn’t whine a lot!

It takes 5 years to earn a black belt in Kenpo

Which is about the same amount of time it takes

to pay off a car

this is logical

because the kenpo system was sold with a car contract.

It takes four years to earn a karate black belt

which is the amount of time it takes to graduate from a university.

Which is logical

because the Japanese systems

were taught in their universities first.

And so on and so on.

Then there are people who earned their black belts faster.

People like Chuck Norris,

Mike Stone,

I think there are a few MMA fellows,

and so on.

They were good,

not prodigies,

but good,


but it just goes to show that

it doesn’t have to take years to earn a black belt.

When some fellow starts talking about the mystical abilities

and the amount of time it takes to cultivate chi,

and all that sort of stuff,

they are just telling you that they don’t understand their system,

that it is a mystery to them

even though they have done it,



that they have bought into systems

that are not logical.

Let me talk about logic.

Logic is when things are arranged in an order that makes sense.

In other words,




The real problem is when people have invested so much time

in a system that is not logical

that they can’t give it up.

They are saying,

in effect,

that they can’t be wrong.

‘Oh, no, I spent years doing this,

I’m not going to admit it was inefficient or wrong….’

And that is the mindset of 98% of the instructors out there.


he might be a good instructor,

he might have a great system,

but we are talking about how fast you can learn it.

Here’s an interesting thing I came across,

I met a fellow who was practicing a system of deep tissue massage.

He was going into the muscles

and getting rid of the ‘scar tissue’

that immobilizes the muscles upon injury.

The problem was that the ‘scar tissue’ doesn’t leave easily.

So he would manipulate these muscles on a deep level

and get the scar tissue to release and leave,

and the results were near miraculous!

People suddenly gave up limps,

found ranges of motion they thought were lost,

could scratch their backs,

could dance and frolic

after years with canes and  limps and so on.


the fact that muscles have ‘triggers’ in them

and inner organs started working,

people were giving up things like indigestion,

various diseases,

kidney problems,

and so on and so on.

Their whole bodies were being literally resurrected.


he had a few clients,

then went out of business.

Think about it,

people walking out his doors,

praising his cures,

the world should have beat a path to his door.



he went broke.

And this is a true story.

So how could a miracle cure be discarded?

Because once people were cured,

they didn’t need him,

and without massive advertising…

out of business.

So you have the fellow who says

it takes four, five, ten, seventeen years

to get to a black belt.

Well, of course,

if he didn’t keep people on the runway that long,

he would go out of business.

so what if they don’t fly…

he’s got to earn a living.

I know,

I have stepped on some toes,

there are fellows who read this newsletter,

and they are tapping their toes in an irritated fashion,

their stomaches are growling,

and there is a truth about what I have said

that they don’t like.

I don’t blame them.

But truth is truth,



I have a solution

for what I have said here.

Don’t teach one art,

teach ALL arts.

That’s what I do.

Some fellow writes me and says

I want to matrix Kenpo,

but you don’t have a matrix kenpo course…

and I write back and say,

Matrixing is a method

whereby you matrix your own art.

Take Matrix Karate,

learn the basics of matrixing

and start putting your own art to logic.

Start streamlining your own art.

Make it easy to learn,

easy to understand

and therefore…

easy to apply.

And then I say…


People who want to matrix one art and stop,

no offense,

but that is the short view.

Take the long view.

On the monster website I wrote an article called

‘What’s wrong with the Art?’

In it I dissect the ranges of weapons

of various arts.

This is one of the first articles I wrote

concerning a matrix viewpoint.

And the point of it is

you have to study a variety of arts

put them together the right way

to say you know the martial arts.

If you study Karate,

you can’t say you know the martial arts,

you can only say you know Karate.

And the same holds true for all arts.

But if you study enough arts

that teach you enough about the ranges

then you can say you know the martial arts.

If you can say,

I study taekwondo for kicks

karate for hands

judo for throws

kendo for weapons

then you can say you study the martial arts.


if you have matrixed them,

then you will be the sum of your parts.

That is the trick,

you know,

putting them all together,

that is where just about every other martial artist on the planet failed,

you have to break them down logically,

and reassemble them

so they fit together.

You have to matrix them.


how long?


the time might be a year or so,

far shorter than what people are currently training,

but long enough to run a business.

Of course,

you’re still going to have to hump,

but you can make it,

and you will find enough people that will stick around,

enough people that will want advanced programs that teach,

and all manner of things.


you need to hump,

and you need matrixing.

Let me point out a truth,

the way people are taking to matrixing,

it won’t be long

till everybody starts looking at it,

re-evaluating their arts,

and the guy down the street

teaching to kenpo black belt

is one day going to  have a sign in his window that says…

A Black Belt in a year!

Don’t just learn one art,

learn a lot of arts,

and learn how to put them together!

This sort of thing

on a dojo window

guarantees people walking in,

I know,

because that sort of thing went on my windows.


are you going to wait for the fellow down the street to get ahead of you?

Or are you going to start the ball rolling?

Okey dokey,

I know I got in the face of some this time,

but it is a good cause,

I want people to learn efficiently in a short period of time.

I don’t want arts that result in a higher level of human being

being replaced by boxing or some form of thuggery.

I want schools to succeed,

and the only way to do that

is to up the game.

I want every person on this planet to learn the martial arts!

The REAL martial arts!

I want the people of soul

that comes with competence and confidence

to take root

in the souls of every person on this planet.

But I can’t do it alone…

I need you.

I need you to order a course

and ascertain for yourself whether I’m just talking,

or whether I’ve got the real goods.

I need you to order another course,

I need you to move fast,

to streamline your training,

to gain logic…and then intuition.

I need you to step forward.


why not?

Have you got something else to do

than be strong and fast,

clean and compassionate,

competent and friendly?

So here’s the URL for the first course,

That’s a whole art,

a blast of matrixing

which is a new science you haven’t experienced

because it is brand new

and never been seen

before me.


whatever you do,

work out.

Every work out is a prayer…

zen martial arts


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