Martial Arts Survival When the World Ends

The Simplicity of Survival.

Do you know how life works?

Life is a process of yes or no choices.


it becomes simplicity itself

to live life

and to survive

in a grand manner.

A guy confronts you,

is he going to punch you…yes or no?

If the answer is yes,

find the next yes or no question.

If the answer is no,

find the next yes or no question.

Let’s say he is going to punch you.

Right hand or left hand?

Figure out the answer,

and move to the next yes or no question.

Once the decisioin to punch has been made

no need for choices,

you simply become the fist to his fist,

or the glove to his fist.

In other words,

you either hit him

(preferably first)

or you accept his motion

and let it pass

in some manner.

Here’s one,

have you ever heard of


I don’t know how to pronounce it,

so I just say titwacky,


The End Of The World As We Know It

An atom bomb goes off in your city.

Do you stay or go?

If you elect to stay,

find the next yes or no question.

If you elect to go,

find the next yes or no question.

If you elect to stay,

the question might become

how do you protect yourself from fall out?

Do you sit in your front yard and enjoy the atomic rain?

Or do you gather supplies

and hide in your basement?

Do you see how simple life is?

In fact,

the only time it becomes confusing

is when you can’t break the problem down to yes or no.

An atom bomb goes off

everybody starts moaning and whining,

and you say

hide in the basement.

Four other people start saying things like:

hide in the attic,

bug out,

where’s the car,

I’m scared.

They don’t understand that you must break

every problem down

to two choices,

and only two choices.

I know,

you think there might be a situation

where there are legitimate three or more choices.


You are standing on the street

and four fellows come at your

each from a different direction,

but you don’t have four choices to make,

or four solutions (directions)

to choose from.

Your choice is move or don’t move.

which becomes

do you handle the person closest to you,

if yes do so,

if no then act upon why the closest person wasn’t the correct choice.


this entire universe is built upon twos,

not threes or fours,

and your ability to survive may well hinge upon your ability

to reduce the universe to simple and therefore easy choices.

Basic Neutronics says

a motor is tension (push/pull) between two terminals.

It is your duty to realize that your body is one terminal,

and whatever is coming towards you is the other terminal

and then to handle one or the other of the terminals.

Which means to move or don’t move,

destroy or don’t destroy,

right or left,

up or down,

and so on.


you bet I am going to try to sell you a Neutronics book now,

yes or no.


Neutronics is for people who are ready,

who have felt that intuitive call,



I am not using reverse psychology on you,

I mean it.

Don’t mess with Neutronics

until you have done some Matrixing.

As simple as it sounds,

without the discipline of the martial arts

Neutronics won’t be effective.

You need a matrixed,



Not just a discipline,

as of any martial art,

but a matrixed discipline.

A matrixed discipline is ten times better

than an illogical,

non-matrixed discipline.


I will recommend a matrixed discipline.


I recommend Blinding Steel,

and for a simple reason.

In the event of titwacky

you will encounter starving and desparate mobs,

home invasions by people you used to trust,

even police using their authority

to ransack your home,

and here is the point…

When titwacky happens

the desperate mobs will use weapons.

Desperate for food,

starving and sick,

the person who did not prepare

will use a weapon,

make a spear,

have a homemade knife,

use the kitchen cutlery

and they will come for you.

And you,

silly fool,

only know weaponless arts.

They are good,

they are excellent,

but the situation has escalated.

So I recommend Blinding Steel

It is simple,

it comes in interchangeable modules,

a person can learn how to handle a weapon,

any weapon

with a week of hard training

in Blinding Steel.



I don’t think the world is going to end,

but if we do have economic collapse,

a solar pulse,

a terrorist attack,

you should be prepared,

to the degree that you are prepared,

to that degree the world won’t end,

it will just change gears

and you might have to scamper a bit to catch up,

but you will make it.

First line of defense?

Blinding Steel.

And maybe we’ll talk about some titwacky things

in the coming weeks.

Things are getting wacky out there,

and the only solution

is for you to be solid and stable inside.

Okey dokey,

guys and gals,

I’ve given you a choice,

be prepared or not…

and the next question is

Blinding Steel or Not…

May you have a grinning week

and a laughing weekend.

zen martial arts

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