The Secret of Martial Arts Meditation

Martial Arts Meditation!

I received an email the other day about martial arts meditation.

I actually get quite a few of these,
so let’s take a look at meditation.

There’s all sorts of meditation,
it’s sort of an undefined field,
takes in a lot of area,
and here’s the dictionary definition…
contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, brown study, concentration; prayer; cogitation.

Now most of these require one to look inward,
nothing wrong with that,
to a certain point,
life is out there.
It’s what you do.

When you die
and you’re sitting there without a body
and somebody asks you what your life was about,
are you going to say,

I sat there and looked into my belly button
and tried to create world peace with my thoughts,
but it didn’t work,
because there are still wars…


I learned martial arts and rode horses and flew planes and went to war and went to peace and met some great gals and had children and built companies and got frustrated with politics and raced cars and had brewskis with friends on the weekend and…and…and…did LOTS of martial arts.

Do you see?

I am not disrespecting meditation,
people need a moment to think things through sometime,
in my experience,
doing an hour of forms
brought me to peaks
introduced me to thoughts,
made me healthy,
and hopefully even a little wise,
you know?

So let’s talk about meditation and the martial arts.

Doing a form is a type of meditation.
You learn how to focus your mind on one thing,
and hold to that one thing
even as you move your body.
You learn how to create fields of energy and use them.
You learn how to create useful emotion in your motion.
You learn all sorts of other things.

the mind is a tool,
and you,
the awareness,
learn to use that tool.

You do techniques
and you learn all sorts of things
about the timing of the universe,
the structure of the body
how to handle the thousands of problems
that the universe can throw at you
through handling the thousands of fists flying at you
every hour.

you learn that the body is a tool,
and you learn how to use it.

You freestyle,
you learn to face your fellow man and not be frightened.
You learn how to keep your emotions in check.
You learn how to move under great stress.
the spirit,

Do you understand now
why I believe in the martial arts?
Do you understand why it is my form of ‘meditating?’
It is not a vacuous search for mystical experiences,
it is a direct path to competence and understanding
and patience and passion,
and all the virtues that make a human being.

if you are into other meditation,
I am not stepping on your toes,
we are all on different paths,
so don’t think that I am disrespecting you,
I have just found what I believe to be a superior path,
and encourage you to try it out.

that all said,
let me say one other thing.
Even if you don’t feel as strongly about the martial arts as I,
can’t accept them as a religion…
they are a path.
A method.
They go somewhere,
and that somewhere is easily defined
simply by looking at the old masters who have gone before.

Quick and agile into old age,
a grinning glint in their eyes,
kind to children,
the space around them is filled with warmth.

That is where you are going.
You learn to beat people up,
put that aside,
realize that you are competent,
and are able to use ALL those things you discovered in the martial arts
to go somewhere in life,
to learn other things
to build a life that has a point to it all.

I’ve ranted enough.
You know what they say…
you can’t keep a good fanatic down.

So let me make your day.
Buy two courses
and I will throw in
Matrixing: The Master Text.

That’s right,
two courses,
and you get the bible of Matrixing
that’s $30,

here’s how you do it.
You simply hit two different paypal buttons,
maybe Shaolin Butterfly and Butterfly Pa Kua Chang
(or any other two)
then you send me an email.

I ordered two courses,
I’d like to get the free Matrixing: The Master Text.’

As soon as I receive word from paypal
that you have ordered,
I will send you the URL for the download page.
I check my computer pretty often,
while it could take a few hours,
chances are that within a couple of hours
you will have the ultimate resource on Matrixing.

Matrixing: The Master Text
is here…

Check it out,
it’s 180 pages
and includes the whole evolution of matrixes I wrote for the martial arts.
Matrixes on arts, timing, distances,
all sorts of things.
it goes into how and why I came up with this stuff.
In the back is an example of how I matrixed Kenpo.

Check it out,
then order a couple of courses,
then sit back and wait
for a blast of martial arts enlightenment
to hit you through the email.

you guys and gals have a fantastic work out
and don’t forget to party a little,
gonna be a GREAT weekend!


zen martial arts


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