Martial Arts Timing Leads to Evolution of All Arts

The Secret of Martial Arts Timing

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, or whatever, Timing in the Martial Arts is critical.
When the fellow explodes aggressively in Karate, you have to use timing to beat him to the punch.
When the Defender handles an opponent in Aikido, he must use timing to blend with him.

martial arts timing

Time is a measurement of space

No matter what art, no matter what sport, for that matter, timing is what is going to make the difference between winners and losers.
What people don’t realize, however, is what timing is. Go on, think about it, define timing, you’ll find that you are likely in the dark. You see, there are lots of definitions, but none that really make sense.
So here is the real definition of timing: an appreciation of distance.
Time is distance, you see. Time is a measurement of how long it takes for the universe to move from one place to another.
This, incidentally, is a neutronics definition, and you can find out all sorts of real stuff about life and the universe at ChurchofMartialArts.
That shameless plug aside, let’s consider how to improve timing, or your appreciation of the manipulation of space in the universe.
In Karate you have the beginner punch from six feet away. It is easy to see the punch, it is easy to see the block, nobody gets hurt, and it is pretty useless in a fight.
Then everybody says karate is worthless, and they have missed the whole point.
Once the technique works from six feet away you do it from three feet away.
And once it works from three feet away, you do it at a foot and a half.
See, there are a lot of arts that start their game from a foot and a half, and they say they are so efficient, but what about all those people that needed to start at six feet away?
The basics of Karate are efficient, teach about timing, and once the distance closes and timing needs to be adjusted, then you can change hand configuration, develop all sorts of energy techniques, and so on.
Actually, if you learn to matrix karate correctly, you can make almost any art out of it, and often the variation that you make is superior to the art it replaces. This is because there is a direct line from hard core basics, and the evolutions of hundreds of years and hundreds of teachers are eliminated.
Anyway, I didn’t mean to go on a rant. It’s just that every art contains the seeds of every other art, and Karate happens to be one of the most efficient for evolving martial arts.
Well, we went a ways, but this whole thing starts from an appreciation of martial arts timing, and you can learn the truth of that with a little matrixing at Monster Martial Arts.
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