How to Kill a Martial Artist!

Secret Death Techniques!

I know, you expected a knuckle to a pressure point at 2 in the morning that causes the kidney to fail in three months after the guy eats peas. But, look, what I’m going to tell you is important, so string along with me for a second. It does have to do with killing a martial artist, or killing just about anybody and everybody in the United States and the world.

kill martial art

Bruce Lee would not have stood for Genetically Modified Foods!

I remember reading about two headed calves occurring in the US back in the late forties. Scientists were doing some experimenting, you see, and they were putting chemicals in the soil, and the result was some pretty gnarly mutants. I mean, two headed cows? How would you like your sister to eat that cereal? Eh?

Now, that headline has sort of faded, but the mad scientist types learned. Oh, they didn’t learn not to experiment on human beans…they learned how to go undercover and not get into the headlines.

The thing that has been foisted on us for the last decade or so is called GMO. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. What this means is that the mad scientist types are messing with our food. They are making it longer lasting, tastier, better looking, and so on.

Oh, goodie! Oh, Yummie! Oh celebration of the belly!

Unfortunately, there is a seamier underside.

You see, you can make a bigger tomato, but the roots draw on the same elements (chemicals?) and thus it may be fat and juicy looking, but it has fewer nutrients.

But, that ain’t the really bad news. The bad news is that we are eating things that are messing directly with DNA. DNA that has been messed with isn’t going to stop with twoo headed babies. DNA that has been altered is going to result in:

Botulism, bowel related syndromes, skin disease, Morgellons Disease, Lyme disease, intestinal damage, food allergies, sterility, infant mortality, obesity, diabetes, and so on and so on…the list of associated diseases actually fills a couple of pages. Easy.

And here’s the really bad news. GMO is apparently CREATING new diseases. That’s right, as the body breaks down and succumbs, it creates whole new classes of diseases.

Now, I could go on and on, but here’s a one minute extremely educational video on GMO.

Watch it, and realize that there may be a solution that is simple and inexpensive.

And, feel free to drop by I’ll tell you how to kill people using martial arts there, and it’ll even be fun.
zen martial arts


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