Matrixing Wannabes in Black Belt Magazine, in Jeet Kune Do, and on the Internet

People who fake Matrixing to take your Money

There are some matrixing wannabes in the world.

Nothing serious,

just a misrepresentation,

people trying to sell things using the matrix brand,

that sort of thing.

First instance is some guy on the net

is advertising matrixing.

His website is slick,

and obviously he is doing

internet marketing.

You know the kind of guy I mean,

the kind of website I mean.

‘I beat up four Hell’s Angels

in a barfight

using spetnatz techniques

taught to me by

Lieutenant X.’

The guy calls you friend,

tells you how he was picked on as a child,

until he discovered

the secret scientific method

where you knock bullies over

with mystical techniques.

Now the interesting thing about this internet guy,

was that he said,

‘writing a matrix is cool,

you can plug in techniques

and create all sorts of stuff!’

That was the point wherein be became

an idiot of godzilla proportion.


you can do that,

but you end up trying to put together techniques

that don’t fit together,

and it makes you think,

but it doesn’t simplify the martial arts

and make them truthful and easy.

You end up thinking more,

and not thinking less.

And thinking less is what you want to do.


if it is hard to remember

and hard to learn,

it will be hard to apply.

Figuring out all sorts of new techniques

doesn’t resolve the mess,

it makes it bigger.

The guy is using Matrixing

to go the wrong way.

Instead of solving the martial arts,

he is going to make them a bigger problem.

Good luck,



the other guy pushing Matrixing

was in the pages of Black Belt Magazine.

The guys name is Paul Vunak,

and he is pushing Matrix Jeet Kune Do.

I’ve been aware of Vunak for years,

seen some of his tapes,

and he’s an impressive guy.


he has no clue about what a matrix is.

He is talking about slicing up pieces of systems

and putting them together.

I wrote about that in one of my articles

Read this

and you’ll see that he is doing something

I wrote about in passing,

a couple of decades ago,

and you might see

some of the things he is doing wrong.

The real problem with Vunak

and you’ll see this if you watch his tapes,

is that he believes in barroom fighting

and MMA

as the measuring stick of a successful art.

At the end of the article

he says his art is the only true art,

and this based upon MMA bouts.

So if you can beat people up

you have the best art.

I warn about people

who teach arts based on that,

and how they slant the whole martial arts

for their personal bias.

This is one of the things that matrixing cures.


the true art is unique to each individual,

and matrixing can help each individual find it.

But you have to know how to write a matrix,

how to use the graphs I show you in the courses.

You can’t just matrix a bunch of techniques,

you’ll end up with an unresolving mish mash.

You have to matrix your arts

using certain basic techniques,

and then you have to let them evolve in a certain way.

Doing a matrix the way Vunak,

or this internet marketer proposes,

and you will create the problem of the martial arts,

and not simplify them into a workable truth

that is unique to you.


I wish them luck,

but I wish they hadn’t used my terminology.

I expected such a thing to happen,

I am not surprised,

but I am sad because there will be a few people

who buy into their bushwah.


I taught my first matrixing class back in the eighties,

twenty years before the movie,

and thirty years before these fellows

tried to use it as a gimmick.

It is based upon certain principles

which have not changed over thirty years.

It is a science.

It is not the latest buzzword

so somebody can sell something over the internet.

When I sell a course on matrixing,

I am available.

You can write and ask me any questions you want.

I get people who can’t matrix their art,

and I get into long discussions with them,

I teach science,

and the end result is that I’ve got over 500 pages of wins,


wherein these people

figure it out,

understand the martial arts in new lights.

I am not here to get rich quick,

I want to change the martial arts,

revolutionize them,

and get people to understand them

the way they’ve never been understood before.


what can I say.

You believe me or you don’t.

You fall for the hype,

or you don’t.

Just understand this.

The true art isn’t how many people you can beat up,

it’s the unveiling of the unique spirit

that is you.

You are the True Art,

and that is what Matrixing is all about.

Here’s the URL for Matrixing: The Master Text.

Look at the pictures on the right side of the page.

That’s 180 full size pages (8 ½ by 11)

page after page of charts, of tables, of graphics,

of forms and techniques and theory.

This is not a selling technique,

it is a body of knowledge.

Remember that when you read these fellows

trying to use my matrixing material

for buzzwords and quick sales.

Have a great weekend,

and a phenomenal work out.

drunken tai chi chuan


3 thoughts on “Matrixing Wannabes in Black Belt Magazine, in Jeet Kune Do, and on the Internet

  1. LewisM

    Al, you outline the true concern of every real teacher. That the lesson be kept unchanged so others CAN learn the real data. We all owe you thanks. Those who think not, better read on Matrix Karate or other items. I KNOW their life WILL change.

  2. Lewis Miranda

    Al, you know? i get this. i get this fully.

    But in my daily work, i deal with a lot of people who are below awareness of ART. they only know they have a problem and need to handle it. and they KNOW that they dont have “time”. AND they “know for a fact” that they cannot understand the DATA of the art. so they can only mimic and hope…


    of course i break them out of it. takes me a few hours of work, but i crack them. After, they are on study, or working better, or studying or USING what they know while learning more. (even couch potatoes)

    i just wanted to share this with you. I understand your position on mis-use of the terms.

    but the question becomes, what is YOUR purpose?

    if it was to sell lots of courses and take over the ARTs market, it would be one thing.

    but being the corrective force that straightens ALL the arts, you are the correct Rosetta Stone… as people who can think WILL both run into your work and promote it _knowingly_. (versus braggingly)

    Be well, Al.

    I look forward to seeing you soon, somehow.


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