How to think Faster Using Neutronics and Martial Arts

Faster Mind = Faster Martial Arts

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t fast enough?

The other fellow had faster hands, thought faster than you, and there wasn’t anything you could do about it? In this article you will find the solution.

If you want to move fast, you have to think fast, but how can you use the martial arts to think faster?

On this neutronic exercise we’re actually going to go outside the martial arts. What I am about to describe should actually be used in all schools to make all children quicker and smarter.

Simply, don’t use the utterance ‘uh’ during speech.

Yes, it is that simple.

Saying ‘uh’ indicates that the mind has stopped, it is thinking, searching for data.

So when you, as an instructor in a karate dojo or kung fu school, are talking to a student, and they say ‘uh,’ tell them not to. Instantly. Immediately. Tell them that ‘uh’ means the mind isn’t functioning, and they must speak without saying ‘uh.’

Now, there will be some confusion at first, and some laughter and ‘darn its’ as they start to come to grips with a stopping mind, but the end result will be that the mind will stop stopping. It will actually start up, and an interesting thing will occur: they will start thinking faster. They will stop stopping the mind and searching it for answers, and start yusing it intuitively.

Using the mind intuitively is what Neutronics is all about, and if you are a martial artist you will find instant benefit. Simply, the gap between thought and action will disappear. Your Karate techniques will be faster, your taekwondo kicks will be quicker, your kung fu moves will be sharper…everything you do will be faster and more efficient.

So if you want to make people faster, and this includes students of the martial arts, or people of any stripe or gender, simply have them stop saying ‘uh.’
monkey gung fu

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