Law Enforcement Martial Arts…How Good Are They?

Police Martial Arts for the Future

I always wonder about Police Martial Arts, or Law Enforcement Martial Arts.

Yes, there are obviously some cops who know martial arts, and are pretty darned good. But what about the guy who is pulling you over? The fellow who is on the beat…does he really know martial arts?

The answer is no at worst, and a slanted aberration of martial arts at best.

No is pretty self explanatory, so let me address what I mean by a slanted aberration.

The people in charge of the money, the politicians, don’t want the police to hurt anybody, so they are not going to enroll a cop in a one punch dim mak death touch sort of educational thing. They either don’t want to get sued, or they are bleeding heart liberals.

So the police, when they learn martial arts at all, are slanted into ‘harmless’ martial arts. They are trained how to restrain. They aren’t trained in ground and pound, in kick the balls until they hurt, choke the son of a bitch rapist out now.

Do you understand how limited a martial art they are studying?

Their purpose is to get some poor Johnny in the cuffs, while Johnny is eager to escape…to the point of killing said officer.

Now, with that limited degree of training, is it any wonder that cops resort to tazers, that we have headlines of police brutality?

To be fair, or perhaps to exacerbate the issue, the police departments frequently hire people who have military experience.

So the military teaches one to kill, and then the poor officer finds himself in a civilian job where he is not supposed to kill, and even given training that contradicts his military training.

Interesting, interesting.

Well, the point here is that there would be a lot less police brutality if more cops were trained to a higher and more complete degree in the martial arts.

Truthfully, there shouldn’t be a ‘law enforcement martial arts,’ or ‘police martial arts,’ but rather a more total look at all martial arts, that the officer might have all the tools and make the best decisions when his life depends on it, and when the public depends on him.

police martial arts

2 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Martial Arts…How Good Are They?

  1. doordirt4creations

    Agreed. Knowledge and skill on TRUE Martial Arts would give the Officer confidence and competence. Yes, a true Artist can harm, and do a REAL job of it. But knowing how to harm, he can prevent harm to him and others. And with the insight of his purpose and training, he WILL become a better Officer. But that is us talking. Us who want the criminal sorted out and educated. Who want people to work and live in peace…

  2. James Shaw

    I remember 1980 NYPD Police Academy we were taught Osoto Gari and Tai Otoshi and a outer writst lock and arm bar and that was it. Ironic when the head of the Physical Training Unit was a high level Black Belt in Peter Urban’s Goju Ryu-USA Goju. I guess he was under strict orders not to teach us much. I even still have the physical school manual somewhere here in my house, a plastic binder with pink sheets containing photos that must have come from the 1950’s.


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