How to Get Strong Arm Muscles for the Martial Arts

Seven Yoga poses for martial arts punching

Getting strong arm muscles for the martial arts is actually a fairly common question. Everybody wants the big guns they associate with face bashing fists. Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo…every hard art worth its salt want strong arms for punching.

To be honest, there is more to a punch than muscles, there is weight and relaxation before and after the strike, but, heck, if you want the strongest muscles you can get for punching, here’s the key right here.

Body calisthenics work the best when it comes to finding the balance between speed and strength in the muscles. You want a thick, dense, lean muscle. And Yoga actually has the best exercises for making these lean, dense muscles. Here are the seven killer yoga poses which will give you strong arms that can punch all day long.

The Plank pose. This is simply holding a push up at the top. Holding the pose
is hard, but it actually has more effect than doing push ups as it forces one to invest awareness into the arms.

The chaturanga dandasana (four limbed staff pose). Hold the push up with the body parallel to the floor in the down position.

Side plank is a great pose. Hold a push up on one arm, turn the body sideways and point to the sky with the other arm. A great routine is to go from side plank on one arm, to plank pose, to chaturanga dandasana, to plank pose, to side plank on the other side. Obviously, you can make up all sorts of routines with these and the other poses to be mentioned.

Upward facing dog is good for learning to relax while in stress. It is a push up position with the back relaxed and sagging, and the head tilted upwards.

Downward facing dog is a the brother to the upward facing dog, and alternating these two postures, and maybe holding a plank in between, is great for the back and the arms. Simply take a plank position, then push the buttocks up towards the sky.

Supported headstand is included in this number because it is great once one can hold a frog stand, or some other such pose, and leads to the hand stand, all of these stances excellent for arm strength.

Finally, the Handstand. Trying walking fifty yards on your hands. Now that is going to take some serious arm strength, and it starts with simply assuming a handstand, and then exploring a few variations.

So, want those killer guns that can dispatch a desperado with a simple punch? Try these exercises, try them all, and that is how you get strong arm muscles for the martial arts.

Two books I recommend in line with the points of this article: The Punch, and Yogata. Both can be found at

strong arm martial artThis has been an article on How to Get Strong Arm Muscles for the Martial Arts.



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