Martial Arts Timing!

How to improve your Martial Arts Timing.


Time to work out!
Make the self better
on ALL levels.
Your body IS a temple,
a form IS a prayer.
So rock and roll
because you CAN’T be taxed for getting better!
And smarter.
let’s face it,
a little more handsome,

you may have noticed
the newsletter has been a bit erratic.
Lots of things happening,
still watching and waiting on property,
had to move the Monster around,
all sorts of things happening.

The most interesting thing happening,
in my opinion,
is setting up the curriculum.
I wrote an article on some of the things
I am thinking about,
it’s on the alcase.wordpress blog someplace,
you can probably find it if you google the following title.

‘A Black Belt in the Church of Martial Arts’

It’s some of my initial thoughts,
things are already changing,
but the questions it raises are interesting.
What is a black belt,
and why I am structuring certain things
in the church of martial arts.

Food for thought,
you know?

one thing I wanted to talk about,
if we can deal with the martial arts,
is time.

The universe is made of time,
in a sense.
Without time
the whole universe would be a picture
with no motion.

most people,
when they think of time,
think of the past.
Maybe a few smart ones make it into the now,
but mostly everybody is working off the past.
Training puts you in the now,
as soon as you stop training,
that training becomes the past.
So you constantly shift back and forth between now and then.

I know,
it’s weird,
and you can take it how you want to,
but consider this…

the superior martial artist sees the future.

He sees the punch before it is coming.
Isn’t that the future?

So how do you train yourself to see the future?

By forcing yourself to see more and more now.

I do this in class every once in a while
to show guys what awareness and time and things are.

I write something on my hand
then open and close it real fast,
and ask the students what is written.

they can’t tell,
my hand is opening and closing too fast
to perceive.

if I slow time down
open and close my hand slow,
then they can read my palm.

But the trick is not for me to change my time,
it is for them to change their time.

So I tell them to focus,
to concentrate,
to study the hand,
to blot out distractions.

After a little of this,
they can read my hand
no matter how fast I open and close it.

The ability to concentrate,
to look,
to focus awareness,
to make yourself see,
and be more aware.

it is better than meditation.

And once they get smarter
and more aware,
I write smaller words
and write them in smaller sizes,
and they get smarter and smarter.

Eveybody thinks you’re born,
you live for a while,
and then you get stupid.
But that very thought is stupid.
It is wrong.
Instead of getting stupid,
you do a few exercises like this,
force yourself to open your eyes
to come awake,
and you become smarter.

So do you understand a little something more about time now?
How to get smarter,
how to control and expand your own sense of time,
and how valuable that is in a fight?


About to end off now,
but I want to leave you with two thoughts.
matrix your art,
make it more logical,
and it will be easier to force yourself
to get smarter.
an art constructed of random techniques
is hard to memorize,
hard to use,
and will not put you in a position
to focus your thoughts
as I have described in this newsletter.
So go here,

It’s about weapons,
and if you can force yourself to focus on weapons,
moving faster than fists,
then you are going to be more aware.

Second thing…
man is asleep dreaming that he is awake.
One of the many purposes of
The Church of Martial Arts
is to awaken the dreamer.

Have a great and awesome work out!

free martial arts online


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