Martial Arts Goals and How to Reach Them

Reaching Your Martial Arts Goal!

A Cicada settled upon a leaf and enjoyed the cosmos. The universe was balanced, life was grand, and nothing could be better.

zen martial artsA grasshopper spied the cicada and crept up within pouncing distance.

Behind the grasshopper a large bird dove forward, his beak opened and ready to consume.

Resting against a tree, a sage observed the cicada,  the mantis and the bird. With one word he could destroy the divine plane. He opened his mouth and prepared to shout.

Off to the side, the park keeper saw the old man, and took him for a bum. “Hey! What are you doing?”

But it was too late, the mantis ensnared the cicada, and was in turn eaten by the bird.

The sage turned to the park keeper and yelled back, “I could have saved them all!”

“Saved who? You old nut! Now clear on out of here!”

Sadly, the sage left the park. He had failed to cultivate life, and was being thrown out of the beautiful garden spot. Where was the justice in that?

Leaving the park, his foot began to descend upon a poisonous snake. In a moment he would be bit. Behind him, a tiger crawled closer, readying his legs for the pounce.

And there was no sage left to call to him.

Moral: judge not the fairness of life, lest you lose sight of yourself.

This has been a proverb concerning martial arts goals and how to reach them.

martial arts goal


2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Goals and How to Reach Them

    1. aganzul Post author

      Ask yourself who got what he wanted, and why, and who didn’t get what he wanted and why. There is a deep, profound secret behind this proverb, and when you are either enlightened, or so frustrated you can’t stand it, let me know, and I will give you the one fact that will explain all.


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