Why Your Martial Arts Doesn’t Work in Combat

Why Martial Arts Don’t Work

I get this question every once in a while…why does a martial arts system fall apart in combat. It’s an interesting question, because people put countless hours into their training, and then they forget how to use it when the SHTF.

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The first and foremost reason martial arts don’t work is because they are complex. Too many instructors adding too many techniques.

When I first learned Kenpo I was expected to memorize half a thousand random techniques. To be honest, the only way I managed to do this was because they had nifty sounding names. There simply was no logic behind the moves to enable me to memorize them without the nifty names.

Then when I learn the Kang Duk Won, I found that my instructor had doubled the size of the system. He had added seven forms he had created, plus a few odds and ends he had learned over the decades.

Too many techniques, too much data: how the heck is the mind going to sort through that in the middle of combat.

And EVERY instructor is guilty of that. And, to be honest, they can’t be blamed. After all, they are trying to train for any posssibility, striking or kicking or takedowns…whatever.

The solution is to boil your system down to the core concepts, and then grow a limited number of workable techniques that are easy to learn, therefore easy to remember. Then you just drill the holy heck out of those techniques until they are part of your very bones.

And, the fun part, once you figure out how to do this then you can learn multiple systems, you can learn all the systems you want, and not get bogged down in memorizing endless techniques.

It’s not how many techniques you know, it’s how you boil all the arts down to a few simple concepts, and then put them in logical order.

Yeah, I’m talking matrixing here. Take something, make it logical, practice it until you’re dead several times over. I mean it.

Anyway, when somebody asks why martial arts don’t work in combat, this is the first reason that comes to my mind. There are several others, and I will write about these later. But for now, look at your system, boil it down to concepts, and work on what works. That is the Matrixing method for making martial arts work in combat.

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One thought on “Why Your Martial Arts Doesn’t Work in Combat

  1. LewisM

    YES. I HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS!! AND IT IS NOT FUN! But now I have Matrix Karate, so I’m learning how NOT to fall in the trap again!


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