A Martial Arts Closed Combat System

Martial Arts System

When it comes to martial arts systems, one should study a Closed Combat System.

The reason is very simple. The thing is old, and it has been practiced by generations, and the impurities have been more or less weeded out.

close martial artIt doesn’t make for perfect, but it makes for pretty darned good.

Now, let’s consider systems that aren’t closed combat, which is just about everything out there.

The Japanese systems, such as shotokan, have (had, I believe they have finally been discarded) certain compulsory forms which were added AFTER the art came out of Okinawa. The Okinawa masters at the time, and this was some eighty years ago, and the masters were very significant people in the history of Karate, complained mightily, and they were basically told to go take a hike by the political body of the shotokan at the time.

Would you go tell a fellow with fifty or sixty years of martial arts experience to go take a hike? Would you tell ten or twelve such fellows, who all agreed in what they were saying, to go take a hike?

So Shotokan ceased being a closed combat system.

Or, as long as I’m picking on people and arts, how about Tai Chi Chuan? Tai Chi Chuan was basically killed off by the People’s Republic of China, then, when they realized that they could make money off it, they hired a bunch of people who were physical education coaches, often with no martial arts experience, to resurrect it.

Yeah, I think I’ll have Hillary Clinton teach me MMA, too.

Now, the things I have said here are true in EVERY system of martial arts in the world.

I should say, at this point, that I did make a record of Kang Duk Won, which is taken from before Funakoshi, and before Shotokan told the old masters to go take a hike. It’s in Evolution of an Art at Monster MArtial Arts.

And, I should say that I put together my Tai Chi after going through the PRC versions, and then throwing them out for all the old classical that I could find. It’s at Five Army Tai Chi Chuan at Monster Martial Arts.

But the point here is not to sell stuff, the point is to educate you that you have been sold a bill of goods, that if your system was once good, it was a closed combat system, it was CLOSED TO OTHER SYSTEMS! It did not accept data from other martial arts, except through very strict tried and true methods used for ascertaining the workability of any technique, and whether it actually fit the logic of the system.

Well, I seem to have gone off on a rant, I can even see that I have lost the thread a couple of times. I’m not going to go back, though. I’m just going to say that there is a logic that permeates arts that have gone through the ages without much alteration. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to find those arts. But, fortunately, you can always matrix your art and make it back into a closed combat system. That’s the real solution, really.

Take your art, matrix it, look at it, make it pure again…then you will have a closed combat system that will work ten times better than the stuff currently being taught in the world.

closed combat systems


One thought on “A Martial Arts Closed Combat System

  1. LewisM

    THIS is the viewpoint that I needed to have! I kept LOOKING for “the thing”. And the problem was that “it” was all around. Not a thing or object. the idea, the Tao, was “all around” in “the teachings”. Now that you point this out, I can see what the problem was, and that I CAN sort it out with Matrixing! Thanks for the direction, Sensei.


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