A New Master Instructor in the Martial Arts!

Martial Arts Promotion

I don’t know about you,
but when there is a new Master Instructor
it’s ‘stop the presses’ time around here!
So go get your work out done,
and hustle on back here!
Congrats to
Master Instructor Brian Jones!
Here is his win…
Please forgive me Master Founder Al as I have martially sinned,
I have broken Master Instructor Course (M.I.C.) rules 1. 2 and 3 when teaching.    I don’t charge $$$ students hence I don’t think that I should have to take crap from students.   If they aren’t serious about their training why should I put out effort on their behalf.  I usually recommend one of the local McDojang TKD schools to students who are time wasters.
However, after purchasing the M.I.C. from you last year I began to reevaluate my teaching motives.  While I wasn’t rude I didn’t win friends and influence people.   Now I try not to take training/teaching so seriously and I have noticed that my, albeit few, students are having more fun and tend to not daydream in the middle of class as much.
Master Founder Al I have also sinned by teaching my old school pound them in to the ground Karate training methods instead of using Matrix Karate.  My youngest student (and cousin) – timid student X-  is 12 yrs old and was a very uncoordinated typical Nintendo couch potato preteen before training with me.  His older and much more athletically inclined 14 yrs old cousin -student Y- pretty much always dominated him during class.  Student X was in the US for 6 months (his parents are missionaries) so I experimented on him by teaching him Matrix Karate, Aikido and Kung Fu (20 of the 40 Monkeys) after class in addition to usual hardcore Karate training.  After 3 months of supplemental Matrix training white belt Student X was able to hold his own with Shoto & Shito ryu greenbelts, incl. Student Y.  BTW the Blocking Matrix drills really helped accelerate student X’s hand and eye coordination!
New greenbelt Student X is now back living overseas and has much more confidence in himself, has joined the neighborhood swim team (and lost a bunch of excess weight).  He even came to the aid of two of his new friends when a gang of older teens attacked them!
Student Y figured out that I was teaching student X different techniques and became angry -no one likes a YOUNGER white belt who can hold his own with someone who has 3 yrs training- and joined the local McKenpo school along with a few of his friends who were training with us- unintended consequences M.F. Al… unintended consequences.
Master Founder Al forgive me as I have sinned in my personal training too.  I have kept my kata the same as I was have taught them.  For instance I know that turning the rear knee 30 degrees towards the front improves speed and mobility but I have kept my form & back-stance the same because I was taught that way…  I am working on my Matrixed Kang Duk Won back-stance now.  Honestly M.F. Al I am;-)
M.F. Al I have sinned by DROWNING my student’s in technique.  Karate mixed with LOTS of Aikido, Hapkido, Nihon Jujutsu, Chin-na, Yudo and La Canne techniques and training on the side (I call the combination of the arts Shin-Jukado).  I have now starting to Matrix the core technique & principles that I teach.
Observational note here:  If one were to train for a year in Matrix Karate, Shaolin Butterfly and the 40 Monkeys Kung Fu a student IMO would end up skill and knowledge wise truly close to where a Tracy’s Chinese Kenpo  5th dan (after learning 22-30 forms and between 500- 700 self-defence techniques) is!  The Kenpo man would HAVE, as M.F. Al has noted, the advantage in sparring however as it takes 10 to 15 yrs to learn all of the former mentioned Kenpo skills sets!
Master Founder Al PLEASE forgive me as I have sinned against Matrix Martial Arts, the Master Instructor Course and the TRUE ART.  I will now perform the Pinans 100  times as a penance.
Yours truly,
Master Instructor Course & Matrix Martial Arts student Brian in SW MO, USofA
P.S.  I started training in Yudo back in Kindergarten (1968) and although slowed down by MAJOR injury & health issues I have earned Black Belts in Korean & Japanese Karate, Chinese Kempo, Yudo, Kumdo, Hapkido, Aikido, Nihon Jujutsu, Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, etc. and I have dabbled in Chinese & Vietnamese Kung Fu, Silat, Eskrima, and the Western Martial Arts.
IMHO Matrix Martial Arts may not be THE Martial answer but Matrixed Martial Arts are a damn fine LOGICAL Martial answer…
Thank you
Master Instructor Brian Jones
As Brian indicates,
the solution is simplicity.
You don’t,
throw out the baby with the bathwater…
you have to be smart,
throw out only the right things,
put the rest in the right order,
and I am quite gratified by his observation
that a few courses in Matrixing
and one would be approaching the fifth dan area of knowledge.
Thank you.
Brian has quite a few courses from me,
but when there is a new Master Instructor
I always dedicate that newsletter
to the Master instructor Course.
I’ve been pushing this course since 2007,
and here’s the URL
The blurb for this course is
“If you don’t know the information on this course
you aren’t a master instructor.”
It’s true.
This IS the secret of how to do perfect form.
Form that results in chi.
Form that builds the body and mind and soul.
This IS the secret of how to make ANY technique work.
Somebody shows you a new technique?
You see a technique in a mag you want to do but were never taught?
With what you learn in the Master Instructor Course
you instantly and instinctively know
exactly how to make that technique work.
in the time that I have been pushing this course,
I have asked anybody and every a challenge…
go on, prove that the course isn’t the exact and total truth.
Nobody has ever done that.
thank you Master Instructor Brian Jones,
may your win encourage others
to find the truth of the martial arts.
 master instructor

One thought on “A New Master Instructor in the Martial Arts!

  1. LewisM

    Truth be told, if a guy with THESE qualifications holds Matrix Karate in such high esteem, the course I am doing (even a guy with a 3rd, a 5th or a 10th…) then i am on the right path. Thank you Sensei. I DO want to hear what others think of the course, THAT motivates me like nothing else!


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