Can You Learn Tai Chi Chuan by DVD?

Learning Tai Chi Chuan by DVD!

I see this question, whether you can learn Tai Chi Chuan by book, every once in a while. And, I see the offsprings, can you learn tai chi by DVD, on the internet, etc.

In 1972 I was closing in on my black belt. Mind you, there were only a couple of magazines out there, Black Belt was one, and Inside Kung Fu has started up, i think maybe Official Karate, but there wasn’t much.

yang tai chiAnd, there were no DVDs, CDs, and most books were written in Chinese, if you happened to know where in chinatown a bookstore was.

Then I saw advertised in one of the mags books and 8MM film-that’s right8MM film–of some guy name of Lee Ying Arng. McLisa Publishing in Hawaii, I believe, and he let loose a string of books.

There was the Pa Kua Chang book (didn’t even know what PKC was), then there was the Iron Palm in 100 Days book, and the book on kicking.

The book I ended up getting (the first, I ended up getting all of his books, they were GREAT!) was Tai Chi for health.

I spent months, years, traveling through that book. I duplicated the movements, tried doing them karate style, went to demonstrations and figured out what ‘slow’ meant, pored over the English translations, and…i can honestly say I learned Tai Chi through a book.

Nowadays it is ten times easier. You can go through youtube and check out the various styles, then you can get a DVD showing you EXACTLY what is going on. Man, if i had had that stuff, when I was first learning, I could have learned several systems of Tai Chi Chuan in a few months.

And, not to be truthful, when the net finally came into its own, that’s what I did. Of course I had the benefit of thirty more years of experience, but there you go.

Anyway, if you want to learn Tai Chi Chuan with my rather tried and true and been through the paces method, then check out Five Army Tai Chi Chuan at Monster Martial Arts.

learn tai chi

This has been a page about how to learn Tai Chi Chuan.


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