Shut Up and Do Your Forms!

We are talking Karate forms…

or Kung Fu forms, or Kenpo or Taekwondo or whatever.

I am saying this because I’ve got a student who wanted to make a tee shirt with one of the karate logos, and the legend ‘Shut up and do your forms!’

karate kata

To climb the martial arts mountain one must dedicate oneself to learning.

Now, I liked it, and I know that there are alpha dogs in this world that would leech on to that logo like it was the end of the world. However, I know there are also a fair number of wimpy liberals out there who are going to whine and moan and say that saying ‘shut up’ will destroy little Johnny’s self esteem.

They’re idiots, because Little Johnny will LOVE that logo. Kids are nothing but self esteem, until they run into a liberal. And then you have to build that self esteem back up with a good old, in your face Karate class, or kung fu class, or kenpo or taekwondo or whatever.

But, I am am going off on a rant here, so let me get back to unoffending people and offering a little education.

Forms are the secret of the martial arts. They are what elevate it above fighting. When a person does a form he learns to control his body, and thus he learns to control his mind, and this, ultimately, exposes the true spirit of the student.

I have nothing against MMA, it is a fine sport, but it is not an art.

The difference between sport and art is easily defined. In a sport you contest with somebody else. In an art you contest with yourself. In a sport you win when you beat the crap out of somebody. In an art you win when you give up fighting yourself.

There’s more I could say, but let’s save it for a later day.

For now…shut up and do your forms.

karate forms


2 thoughts on “Shut Up and Do Your Forms!

  1. LewisM

    Sensei, i know A LOT of people who NEED to read your post… and heed it!! Let me know if the shirts are made after all!


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