How to Be a Real Martial Arts Warrior

Real Martial Arts and the Real Warrior

I read people talking about being warriors in the martial arts, and it is sort of interesting. Warrior pertains to war, and they aren’t involved in any war. They think that practicing the war arts will make them warriors.

o senseiWell, it will, but these sorts of people don’t usually understand how. They have confused a discipline with an attitude, and they really aren’t saying much more than they study the martial arts, and this makes them somehow tough and mystical at the same time.

So here’s a quote froma fellow name of Morihei Ueshiba. He was the founder of Aikido, and a pretty tough cookie. If anybody can be expected to understand what a real warrior is, it would be him.

Cast off limiting thoughts and return to true emptiness. Stand in the midst of the Great Void. This is the secret of the Way of a Warrior.

Huh? You mean you don’t beat up an army of foes? You don’t practice a discipline intent on thrashing your fellow man?

Nope. You stop holding yourself back, you refuse to limit yourself, and you stand in a great void.

The key here, is to understand what a great void is.

A great void could be interpreted as not being attached to the things of life.

You don’t have to have a house, you only have to have integrity.

You don’t need a car, your feet and a plan in your mind will suffice.

You don’t need anything…except your indomitable will.

So, assuming that you are possessed of indomitable will, how are you going to achieve the great void; what are you going to do as a real warrior?

To achieve the great void is pretty simple. You dedicate yourself to training, and get rid of distractions. When your boss says to work late, you go to training, and if you need a new career, so be it.

If the wife says you need to mow the lawn, but it is time for class, you let the wife mow it.

Pretty easy, eh?

You simply be true to yourself. Set a plan and stick to it. In this way you destroy limits, and you learn to control distractions so that there is only you, an awareness of life apart from the bushwah of the nine to five, the need for drugs or amenities. While others get married and have children…you train.

Maybe it’s not so easy being a real martial arts warrior after all.

real martial arts warrior


One thought on “How to Be a Real Martial Arts Warrior

  1. LewisM

    Sensei, thank you for this note. It is clearer than old-style spring water. And yes, it takes being in that void to understand. And seeking it to learn.


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