How to Learn the Key Karate Relaxation Technique

Key Karate Relaxation Technique

In Karate, or Kung Fu or any martial art, relaxation techniques are the key to success.

If you are relaxed you can move faster. If you are relaxed you can more easily summon rigidity. If you are relaxed you can better perceive what is happening around you.

karate kick

Practicing Relaxing in 1974.

The first and most important thing in utilizing this key karate technique is to control your breathing. This means you breath in when contracting the body, and you breath out when expanding the body, or getting struck or when striking (blocking, etc.)

Now, that is the basic, and it is just the start of it all. The real key is take the significance out of any motion you make, or any technique you do.

You see, most people get all wound up, try to get totally rigid and think about power, power, power. But power doesn’t depend on how rigid you get, it depends on how much relaxation you have before you get rigid.

So you have to relax, not think about hitting, or power, or how much damage you are going to do; you have to relax your mind.

Let me give you a weird but totally spot on analogy about this.

You are going to propose to your girlfriend, you are nervous, this is a big step, you take her to dinner, try to get everything just right, and you’re down on one knee, and your mouth turns to mush. You stumble and blither and words are all confusing.

Well, that was a very significant moment.

But what if you had a beer, you were laughing and joking with another couple at a pizza hall, and one of your friends says, ‘Hey, when are you guys gonna tie the knot?’

You look at your girl and laugh, and there is a look in the eyes, and you quickly and easily pop out with, ‘This saturday?’

Well, it wasn’t significant. No problemo. And everything turns out just right.

Now, you are facing king kong, big match for the championship, you edge in, you want to move fast, but you are just a little too tense…and he points you.

Well, too much significance.

So how are you going to take the significance out of the moment? How are you going to step up to the plate and hit a home run, instead of an out?

By mentally relaxing.

And how do you mentally relax when all the chips are on the table?

By being professional.

I know, I promised you a key technique, and this is more than a technique, but I need you to understand something.

Relax, dedicate yourself, learn to laugh at your mistakes, and practice so much, do your moves so many times, look at the technique so often, that it just doesn’t have any significance.

Your instructor can point you, but he is a professional, he has practiced that move till it has no significance, and he has trained so many people on it that he thoroughly understands it. So when you face him, he can see you coming a mile away.

He is professional in his training, and that has made him relaxed in his viewpoint.

Can you train that long and that diligently? Can you do that simple technique a million times, and therefore lose the significance of it, mentally relax, and just do it?

Guaranteed, being professional in your attitude, in your training, in your approach to the martial arts and people…that is the key karate relaxation technique, and it will make everything else in your life work.

key karate


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