How to do Martial Arts Kicks

I say Martial Arts kicks, but the advice of this article holds for Karate Kicks, Kung Fu kicks, or taekwondo kicks. There are two things that we need to cover when considering the best way to kick somebody’s, uh…fanny. One is keeping to the basic kicks, and the other is the mechanics of the kicks involved.

karate kick

The Author practicing his 1000 kicks a day in 1974.

When doing martial arts kicks one can get involved in a lengthy list of showboat kicks. This includes jumping, spinning, and even gymnastic leg techniques. These, however, while fun and even a benefit to the individual, will not work in a street fight. Thus, when doing martial arts kicks one should stick to the four martial arts basics: front, side, wheel (roundhouse), or spinning rear kick.

When practicing these kicks make sure that you raise the knee high enough. Raising the knee puts the hips and whole body behind the kick. A good technique for doing this is to practice kicking over a chair.

Make sure that you use the appropriate part of the foot when kicking. The basic parts of the foot are the toes, the ball of the foot, the instep, and the heel. When selecting which part of the foot to use, remember that the smallest striking area will concentrate the most power.

Always turn the hips into the kick. Turning the hips commits the whole weight of the body into the martial arts technique. This must be done smooth and whiplike, all pieces moving as one coordinated whole.

Do not waste time in the chambering position. One must kick like a whip, up from the ground to the target point, and back down from the target point to the ground. To hold in chamber is to take the power out of the kick, and to render it into pieces.

Use the kick at the right distance. Just as you shouldn’t punch when at kicking distance, don’t kick when at punching distance. The better strategy is not to do something sneaky, which has the potential of robbing you of power and range, but to get so good at the basic moves that you can’t be stopped.

Most important rule of all: do hundreds, even thousands, of kicks every day. The fool who thinks ten kicks per foot per kick per day is enough is just that…a fool. Only by dedicating oneself, by going fanatic and mad dog in your training, whether in martial arts kicks, or whatever type of leg movement you are practicing, will you hope to obtain the best benefits that your martial arts discipline has to offer.

 karate kicking

1 thought on “How to do Martial Arts Kicks

  1. LewisM

    Your point on dedication makes all the sense in the world. I have been using it and it sped my learning. I wish more trainees followed suit.


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