Study Martial Arts Before the World Ends!

Study Martial Arts Before It’s Too Late!

Did you know that the more people study martial arts
the less insanity there is?
This is an absolutely true statement,
one which society should embrace.
Think about it,
when you finish working out,
you don’t feel like going out
and knocking over a gas station.
On the contrary,
you’re feeling good,
even want to go to work
and get a little done.
learn how to fight

There are those that don’t…and there are those that do!

You’re more stable.

You’re more willing to work.
The bad news in the world
doesn’t bother you as much.
So why does this happen?
Because when you take charge of your body
you gain a little more ability
to take charge of the universe.
When you learn how to deal with an adversary,
you learn how to deal with adversity.
When you learn how to focus,
to stay calm during the fray,
when you get physically stronger,
this makes you a better person.
There are so many reasons
martial arts help a person.
Did you know that not many martial artists
realize just how enlightened they are?
There is a cool competence to them,
and they just get the job done
and don’t bother thinking
about how different they really are.
Enlightened means
‘that from which light flows.’
At some point in your martial arts training
usually at black belt
if you are in a classical
and well proven art,
light starts to flow from you.
Instead of fighting,
the fact of staring at an opponent
drives the distractions out of you,
and you start to perceive the world,
and when you perceive the world,
light comes out of you.
You are no longer the screen upon which the universe writes,
you are the projector which creates the universe.
I write about all this stuff in Neutronics.
Neutronics is largely geared
towards helping people
who have evolved as human beings
and become enlightened,
to understand the facts
of their enhanced existence.
On the other hand,
people without a good, classical martial arts base,
they beat their wives,
they get drunk,
they have problems at work.
They simply don’t have the discipline
to grapple and win over life’s problems.
So martial arts causes enlightenment,
not necessarily in the thunderbolt,
but in the education
of how to handle life.
And the martial artist,
going through it,
isn’t always aware
of just how drastic a change he is going through,
and how elevated and unique he is
as a human being.
I’ve said this before…
if the leaders in government studied the martial arts,
we wouldn’t be going through
war and depression
and all the other bushwah that government is currently providing.
Enlightenment is a personal thing.
It is a statement of sanity.
Government is just a false god,
an excuse to squash and suppress
the Awareness that is us All.
So I push matrixing
for the simple reason,
that it makes saner people faster.
I am particularly proud
of the three month black belt course.
it isn’t pretty,
my student doesn’t become a ballerina,
or a Chuck Norris,
or some other symbol,
he merely becomes…
more him.
Light flows from him.
Loss of reaction time and more intuition.
A confidence in himself
that is obvious
in the way he talks,
the questions he asks.
his personal point of enlightenment
has to do with success.
how can you stop somebody who has the concept of success
as the cornerstone of his life?
if you don’t have the 3 month Black Belt course,
here’s EW’s win.
If you’re a newbie,
then you will get an idea of where you should be going.
If you’re an oldster in the martial arts,
align this concept with what you have studied,
see how you can make your students have these wins.
there is bushwah in the world,
you have people calling for doom and destruction,
the world is going to melt down,
governments are going to fall,
everybody is going to be standing in bread lines,
begging for food,
fighting off the zombies of destruction.
but if enough people knew enough martial arts,
then no.
But even if the maybe happens,
and society falls apart
and everything goes stone age,
do you know what your best bet at survival is?
Not the government,
they are full of stuff.
you’re best bet is yourself,
pure, unadulterated you.
The competence that is you,
the confidence that is you.
if the world falls apart,
I want you on my side.
I want calm people
who can get the job done,
to offset the criminals and politicians
who are causing all this mess.
So that is the reason I push martial arts
and matrixing so hard,
one of the reasons.
There are a few other things that happen.
the official end of the world is
December 21, 2012.
On December 21, 2012,
we don’t know exactly what is going to happen,
but…end of the world.
Who knows,
maybe there will be a financial meltdown
and the world will  go into absolute and utter depression
and we will disappear
be a race whose bones will populate the sands.
Maybe a meteor will strike earth,
or a nuclear war will happen
and we will have a winter
which decimates the population.
Maybe the stone on which the Mayan calendar is written
will break.
we don’t know what is going to happen,
but do we ever?
The world ends for lots of people every day,
there is only one question
that we should be concerned with.
Not whether the world will end,
but whether we will be enlightened before it does.
It is June 25 as I write this,
so you have about six months left to live.
And I am giving you one item
for your bucket list.
Become matrixed.
If you haven’t become a black belt,
then you must.
If you have a black belt,
then you must learn enough matrixing
so that you can pass it down
to those who survive the end of the world.
Six months.
read EWs win.
Think about what is involved.
Think about what he goes through.
The hard work,
the worry,
the problems.
imagine yourself at the end,
Imagine yourself
exuding light,
in fantastic physical shape.
Imagine a world that is better,
a world that you leave better than you found it.
You are the ki,
you know.
You are the ki to the universe.
Please open the door.
Have success
Here’s a quote for you…
“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”
Who wrote it?
And, here is the ultimate article on martial arts an insanity.
study martial arts

1 thought on “Study Martial Arts Before the World Ends!

  1. doordirt4creations

    Sensei, remember that people are being made afraid to take charge, to actually stand against evil… maybe they just need to do their forms more… or maybe… maybe they don’t understand what the Martial Arts are about?? Hmmm. Have a great workout!


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