Create Massive Chi Power in Karate or Any Martial Art with this Yoga Technique!

Generate Chi Power for Your Martial Art!

Yes, you can create incredible amounts of chi power in your karate or kung fu, or any martial art, with this a secret yoga breathing method. You can use the method in any martial art, be it karate or kung fu, pa kua chang or MMA or whatever. And, hopefully you have discovered this concept before, and this article will only give credence to what you already know.

martial arts breathingI had a fellow ask me about the breathing in Tai Chi Chuan. He was moving so slow when doing the tai chi long form that breathing was difficult. He was trying to figure out a pattern of breathing that would help him.

The pattern of breathing is the same for tai chi chuan as it is for karate or any other martial art. You breath in when the body contracts, and you breath out when the body expands. Thus, for a basic karate form with twenty moves, there should be approximately twenty breaths.

The body is a motor, it needs to be given fuel at a certain rate, so you eat three square meals a day (wholistic and pesticide free wheat grass…grin). It also needs oxygen at a certain speed, so you take thousands of breaths a day. Breathing in tune with your movements aligns with the requirements of the body.

Breathing in time with your movements will make you more efficient in the use of your body. Simply, you must learn to relax and conserve energy. You must become more efficient in your motions.

Breathing once for every motion will force your body to create chi power. It will also force you to evaluate the best way to use your body. Learning to breath properly throughout your forms will educate you as to better ways to use your forms, and chi power will begin to focus in your movements.

An interesting exercise, if you really want to jack up your chi power, is to look at the breathing patterns of a discipline like yoga. In yoga you don’t move, but you start elongating your breathing patterns. Thus, there is no in and out with motion, but there is much mental discipline.

Count slowly to four while breathing in, then count to eight while breathing out, and you will have five breathing cycles per minute. Now try it with breathing in for five counts, and out for ten. Which length of time suits you?

Obviously, breathing counts will alter as you progress and build mental discipline, and as your body becomes more powerful. Try doing your martial art while holding your positions for these longer breathing times. Doing this secret martial arts breathing technique is going to amaze you, and you are going to start feeling massive amounts of chi power build in your martial discipline.

Go to Monster Martial Arts and check out the Yogata (Yoga Kata) page.

martial arts breathing techniques


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