What’s at the Top of the Martial Arts Mountain

I enjoy talking about where you are going if you are on the Martial Arts Method. What I tell you here is true for Karate and Aikido, kung fu, that sort of martial art, but not for boxing, MMA or methods that are in reality sport.

bad karate

To climb the martial arts mountain one must dedicate oneself to learning.

The difference between sport and art, if you wish to ascertain whether this article holds true for your discipline, is that in a sport you fight another human being. In an art you fight (learn how to not fight) yourself.

When one does a martial art the secret is in the discipline. To force oneself to do the movements until one wakes up and realizes it is them doing the movements. To understand this merely consider: man is asleep dreaming that he is awake.

The value of matrixing is that it makes the method of discipline work faster. So instead of practicing for ten years and maybe having an ‘ah ha!’ moment, one has one anywhere from one lesson to a few months.

Yes, I have had a couple of people wake up within one lesson. Most people take a few months. But there is wild variance in times, as there is wild variance in people.

Once one has had an ‘ah ha!’ moment through a martial arts method they are different. That is the point at which they have to be educated in neutronics. The method is mainly one of pointing out motors they are in. What are the two things between which there is tension (push/pull) in which they have existence?

But let me backtrack just a wee bit.

As one matrixes, pursues the martial method, they find that their thought process is smoothing out. They stop having shallow surface thoughts; they stop thinking, and they start realizing mental emptiness.

When this is occurring they become aware of what a thought actually is: a moment in which you see reality. And reality will align perfectly with whatever thought you have had. This freaks some people out, as they come face to face with the fact that they are virtual gods, and that virtual has seniority over reality.

Becoming aware of what a thought is, a person tends to become introspective, and definitely silent. Listening for thoughts is so much more satisfying than partaking in the staticy distractions of humanity’s various pursuits.

And, there are dangers in this, but it is still a path with heart. How do you make sure that you don’t assume you are the only one? How do you relate to a mate that has static in his/her mind? The universe is a lie, so what are you going to do about it?

To hear what I am saying here sounds pretty glum, but I tell you this…every person I have ‘pushed over the edge,’ manipulated into realizing just who and what they are…none of them, NOT ONE OF THEM!…would reverse his path and return to his shallow, silly, false god, humanoid existence.

And, now we are up to the point of analyzing what motors we are having existence in. Between family and self. Between paycheck and self sufficiency. Between Chevy and Ford. There is, as long as we are in this universe, no end to motors in which to have existence.

Interestingly, the key is not to undo the motors, except as they have bad influence upon the individual. The key is merely to understand the motors, choose which ones you wish to embrace, and go ahead and play with them.

Not to fight the universe, but to play with it, that is the end road of matrixing a martial arts method and entering into neutronics.

To find out about matrixing head over to Monster Martial arts, pick a martial art that interests you, and start. I wouldn’t bother with neutronics until you have matrixed a martial art. Without a martial arts method the data has no meaning.

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