Karate, Kung Fu, and cross training in Baseball…a Failed Experiment

A Method of Karate and Kung Fu cross training.

Speaking of karate and kung fu, I have always been a believer in cross training. Of course, my martial arts cross training would make many an eyebrow raise. I am most interested in such things as yoga and ballet than baseball or football. I know, sound un-American, but there is reason for my attitude.

martial arts cross training

The Secret to a Powerful Punch!

I began martial arts training in 1967. I trained in Kenpo, Karate, and several styles of kung fu. And I was always trying to put what I knew into other sports. I’d play tennis, or badminton, or just throw the frisbee, and I was always looking for new ways to work my hips into the action, or unfold a chop into a movement, or somehow add power to the game.

It came to a head in baseball. I love the game, it is so simple, yet requires dedication to find perfection of motion. It is only run, catch and hit, but these easy and natural things require much thought.

Now I could catch and run pretty good, didn’t ned much work on that. But my hitting was another matter.

I could hit the ball near every time. I usually batted second or third because I could always get on base.

But I never batted fourth for one simple reason. I lacked power.

The fence is 300 feet away from home plate, on the average, and I could only hit about 280 feet. Man, this is perfect…if you want your hit to be caught every time.

So I thought and analyzed and figured, and I decided to put karate into my batting. Precisely, when you launch a reverse punch, you sink the weight, turn the hips into the punch, and kiai.

So I visualized this progression of movements, and I went to bat, and I did them.

I sunk the weight and turned the hips, I even gave a great kiai, and the ball went 260 feet. WTF?

I tried it again. About the same. The fielder didn’t even have to jog back to catch the ball.

So why wasn’t it working?

Because when you swing the bat you must follow through. When I sank my weight and kiai-ed, no matter how much I turned my hips, it tended to slow down the follow through of the swing.

So it was a failed experiment, but one in which I learned much. I learned that Karate, or kung fu or taekwondo or whatever the martial art you study, has its own method of physics. Failures, taken to heart, open eyes, and I would become very inquisitive concerning proper physics in the martial arts. Karate, Kung fu, and physics…a successful experiment in the martial arts.

If you want to learn about the physics behind the physics in karate, kung fu, taekwondo, or any other martial art, go to MonsterMartialArts.com.

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2 thoughts on “Karate, Kung Fu, and cross training in Baseball…a Failed Experiment

  1. LewisM

    This is a very NICE article, and very interesting in how you position the motion with the power of the execution… Mmmmm


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