Kung Fu Music,a Form of Enlightenment

Kung Fu Music Makes the Martial Arts Work Out!

I have played with all types of kung fu music, always trying to find the best music to play when working out. I suppose I started doing this back when Carl Douglas first put out Kung Fu Fighting.

In my Karate years there wasn’t much choice. It was either rock and roll or classical. Classical worked better, but you had to move slow to mesh.

During my kung fu years I looked at a lot of different genres. Soft rock led me into 40s music, and I still like that, but, it is still geared for slower moves.

I suppose the biggest influence was reggae. I would do Monkey Boxing for hours while listening to Bob Marley wail. My favorite piece, however, was Steppin’ Razor. The Peter Tosh version, in particular, is just a driving, throbbing melody that lifts you up and gives life to the knives you are wielding.

When Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon came out I paid particularly close attention to the drums in the courtyard fight between the two gals. Very inspiring.

I eventually started swinging through youtube, looking for classical Chinese music. Of course, I am into a lot of Tai Chi now, and this kung fu music fits together with motion better than anything.

One of the things I considered deeply, because of this love affair with kung fu music, was the actual rhythm of fighting. Not just the forms, which are marvelous and enlightening, but the actual woof and warp of motion in the context of a real and in the moment fight.

What I ended up doing was making my moves do the music. In a way, I was understanding the music of the spheres. This led me into heavy :Neutronic research.

By this time I was into what the mind was doing during the martial arts, and creating new and different worlds simply by meditating on them.

In the end, there is no set way to go, just as all roads lead to the top of the mountain, all music leads to a truth within the soul. The key is to find the right Kung Fu Music and listen, and not just with your ears.

kung fu music

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