Martial Arts to Matrixing to Neutronics to You

There are four recognized paths to enlightenment. These are the paths of the fakir, the monk, the yogi, and the warrior. Unfortunately, these paths are each but a piece of the whole path, and so are greatly misunderstood.

zen martial artsThe fakir refuses to recognize the needs of the real world, and thus to find the spiritual world. The monk refuses the world to a certain extent, but follows scriptures. The yogi uses discipline to isolate the self from the body, and thus to break bonds with reality.

The warrior is the fastest way, for he doesn’t negate the world, except by the way, and his much more active path is designed to handle the world until he is separate from the world. If one analyzes the motivations and purposes of the four individuals one will come up with an integrated and more wholistic path. The seeker must use discipline, have scripture (direction), to separate the self from the world, and thus rule the world.

One can practice the martial arts and be assured that this is the fastest route to self knowledge. The problem is that there is lack of agreement as to what the true path of the martial arts should be. The solution for this is to matrix ones martial studies; to make the martial arts less random and more logical.

Once one has matrixed the martial arts one has reduced confusion and the fastest path is now literally lightening fast. At this point one can move into Neutronics, and study motion for what it is. Motion is merely the path of objects through the universe, and the body is but an object.

There is a discipline in matrixing the martial arts; it takes resolve to put aside all the random tricks and settle upon a distinct sequence of learning. Once that has been accomplished the martial artist can practice his art, and as the art has resolved, so does the confusion, and so does the distraction and static within the mind. It is the mind, you see, that one must subjugate, resolve, put aside, and still until it has no effect.

Once the mind has been stilled and is no longer of consequence, the individual can view the world as it really is. No more fantasy, no more fighting, a universe of peace and wonder. This is where the individual attains enlightenment, finds the truth of himself, and absorbs the truth of the martial path.

What is the truth of the martial arts? It is not the individual art, just as the way of the enlightened being is not but one of four paths. The truth of the martial arts is not the art at all, but the goal at the end of the art: the human being, unique and individual.

 matial arts enlightenment

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