Mean Mouth, Bad Karate, Shut the F Up!

Bad Karate Hate Mail

I get mail, lots of mail, and am pleasantly surprised that most of my mail is good. Then, of course, there is the bad karate hate mail type of thing.

bad karate

Martial Arts Ranking should establish a brotherhood…especially extended to the lower ranks.

The attack usually comes from a person who hasn’t read the whole of my martial arts blog/article, and he is pissed. It usually ends up with the fact that I don’t know martial arts, my karate stinks, and kung fu-ers everywhere are snickering at me.

I get about one of these a year.

I sort of enjoy them.

Heck, if I was doing everything right, something would be wrong.

And, there is always that credo I hold dear to my heart: man learns from his mistakes. In fact, a mistake is ALWAYS an opportunity. I get to learn about myself, I get to learn something, I’m going to get better.

So, when I get these bad karate hate mails in my inbox, I do a little jig.

Heck, I’ve either screwed up, and get to learn something, or he’s an idiot. but, regardless, I’ve touched somebody. If if the guy thinks I’m brown and oily, he read my words, and something inside him tweaked.

And, the good news, once he gets over the upset, maybe he’ll learn something.

And, truth be known, no matter what people who have never felt my fists think, my karate really isn’t bad karate (sniff).

bad martial arts


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