Neutronics and the Motion of No Motion in the Martial Arts

People don’t usually think of no motion in the martial arts. They think of Bruce Lee and movies they’ve seen and how to beat people up. Sometimes they are smart enough to consider the state of wire work in Kung Fu cinema, but not often.

zen martial artsInteresting, such a difference between people who study the martial arts, and people who don’t. It is the difference between being aware and being asleep.

After a few years of training, especially in forms, the mind starts to take on a different…texture.

It is no longer shocked or surprised by quick motions, and the martial arts student finds themselves moving with the motion, and not before nor after. This is agood place to be, and it means that one should train even harder.

But you don’t train for muscles or speed, you train for awareness.

Think about it, the only thing that makes you different from a rock or a table is awareness. You have it, and the rock doesn’t.

Even an animal, it only has awareness, but not awareness of awareness. So it really is just part of the universe.

When one is training one tends to use the eyes, think the eyes are necessary, and doesn’tunderstand that the eye is a perceptic, and it is awareness that watches what the eyes see.

So, in the martial arts one trains and trains, and starts seeing without the eyes, starts moving without the mind, starts just doing everything itself (well, the human spirit has no sex, you know), and an interesting phenomena occurs: the individual assumes a motionless viewpoint. It might be inside the head, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is no motion inside the head, and one has gone Neutronic. Neutronic means nothing. Actually…’nothing.’ So when one is not experiencing motion, except from a viewpoint, they have gone neutronic.

It takes some dedication to reach this stage, but not as much work as one might think.

You see, this thing called Matrixing, and this study of physics beyond physics that I call neutronics, they make things simple and logical, and the human being starts to learn faster and faster.

Within a short period of time an art is mastered, and one is sitting, sans mind, looking out at the world, and more at peace with himself (herself) than is ever imagined before one reaches that stage.

It is possible through matrixing. It is positive through neutronics. These are the names for understanding and discipline, and that is the secret of no motion in the martial arts.

no motion martial

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