The Lie of Martial Arts Equipment!

Martial Arts Equipment is a money maker!

When it comes to Martial Arts Equipment, three things are true.

martial arts equipment

See? It doesn’t hurt!

One, the guy wearing it is going to hit harder because he thinks he has to to make his technique work.

Two, your technique will tend to get sloppy.

Three, somebody is making money by selling it to you.

I was training back in 1967, and we never used pads or gloves. Just didn’t think about it. And there were virtually no injuries. The reason was that we learned quickly what a fist felt like, so we controlled ourselves.

One day the head instructor came out on the dojo mat with a bag of martial arts equipment. Here’s some pads and gloves!

So we slipped on gloves, tied on chest pads, wore shin guards, even put on head gear, and we started hitting each other.

I don’t mean sparring, or doing karate freestyle, we started hitting each other.

We were convinced, you see, that we were protected. We could beat on each other and it didnt’ matter, nobody would get hurt.

Well, you know where that lead to. Control went out the window, we started fighting, as opposed to learning how to do Karate freestyle, and I, for one, started breaking bones. Broke a bone in my hand, another in my foot.

But I was supposed to be protected! I was wearing martial arts gear!

My body was protected, but my mind was numbed. I was trapped by a false reality.

To this day I watch as people put on gloves and wear padding,a nd think that they can hit harder, lose all control, and don’t learn martial arts freestyle.

Real freestyle, you see, has certain rules and limitations, and it has to, because there is power in the real martial arts. With gloves and pads control tends to slip, and so the truth is this:

While there is an art to destruction, the true art is in control.

Not can you beat somebody up, but can you control them, maybe even control the situation until there is no fight.

Something to think about, eh?

Anyway, that’s what happens, that’s what happened, when we learned how to do karate with martial arts equipment.


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