Fight or Flight…Your Choice

Asleep, Dreaming That You Are Awake.

Fight or flight is an interesting choice. For most people, however, it is not a choice, but something they do blindly, no choice at all.

learn how to fight

Wake up!

If a dog snaps at you, there is intuitive movement. The movement is always away. Teeth win, hand lose, no contest, get the heck outa Dodge.

If a human being snaps at you…hmm. Most people jump back, enter into flight mode. The problem is that it is a blind reaction. And, unfortunately, the few people who leap at the snapper…it is a blind reaction for them, too. Just a slightly different blindness.

So what if your back was to a cliff, and a human snapped at you. Would you jump off the cliff? I mean, when do you start making choices? In this scenario your choice comes about because the fall off a cliff would hurt more than a snapping human. Surprisingly, most people would jump off a cliff.

When you study martial arts you change that. At first, you get a little hair trigger. Somebody growls at you, and you growl back before you even think about what you are doing. And if they snap at you, they end up with a fist in their eye.

But what if it is granny that tapped you on the back late at night? In that scenario you just knocked granny’s false teeth out, armlocked her to the ground and stepped on her spindly, little neck. Grandpa ain’t gonna be too happy about that.

So you have to get past flight AND fight as blind responses. You must train until you move from choice, and not from reaction.

When you do this, when you gain choice in your actions, no matter what the threat or how severe, you have increased your awareness. Or, to put it another way, you have woken up.

Man, you see, is asleep…dreaming that he is awake. It’s true.

That guy filling out the voting form? He’s as blind as the guy pulling the silver arm in a casino. Throw away money or throw away future…or throw away a whole country…it is a form of unconsciousness.

You, reading this. You are only dreaming that you are reading this. You’re actually asleep, and you will finish this bit of eye exercise and continue to be asleep.

So, want to wake up? Do the martial arts. ┬áLearn Karate or Tai Chi or something. Become aware of all your potentials and choices. Stop dreaming that you’re awake and…AWAKE!fight or flight

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