What Is the Best Martial Art?

Yeah! What IS the Best Martial Art?

I have had people ask, and tell, and discuss what is the best martial art since I first began my studies. There is a fascination with being the best, and, to tell the truth, I can’t fault it.

real martial arts

Come on! All of you! At once! I know the best martial art!

Heck, if you don’t believe in something, why are you doing it? Right?

So when somebody goes on a jag about some art being better than another, I just smile and go along with it.

Heck, the Ultimate Fighting Championships were started to answer this question.  Every week people from different arts would get in the ring and discuss the matter. Kung Fu went against Jeet Kune Do. boxing went against Jujitsu. Muay Thai went against Karate, and you know what we all found out?

Brazilian Jujitsu was the best! Couldn’t be beaten, and…and time passed, and suddenly Ju Jitsu was no longer the best.

Hey, all arts are good, and all arts have their moment in the sun, but it really isn’t about which art is better. It is about which art makes you better.

So maybe kung fu works for you, or Karate, or some Mixed Martial Arts dog.

And, who really cares?

When I watch the UFC these days it is merely for the spectacle, to see a couple of grown men punch the daylights out of each other, to choke each other, to bleed a little bit, and then stand up and shake hands.

Isn’t that better than war?

And the real best art these days, as demonstrated by the gladiators of the UFC, is a generic thing that is unique to the fellow who studies it. Some guy focuses on kung fu drills, speeds up his hands, and he becomes best for a while.

Another guy works on his kicks, or his takedowns, and suddenly we have a new ‘best martial art’ in town.

But, as I said, what you work on is what you need, and the art you study is the best martial art for you, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

best martial art

1 thought on “What Is the Best Martial Art?

  1. LewisM

    I applaud that you hold the light to the art, not the opinion. Agreed that the best Art is what one executes competently. That it is THAT competence what makes it work. Not the Art, but the ARTist. Thank you for the insight!


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