She Kicked Them in the Nuts and Thought It was Funny!

Kicked in the Nuts Once Too Often!

Wehad a gal once, in this karate class I was in, and she liked to kick guys in the nuts. Kicked them hard.

kick ballsNow, this was supposed to be freestyle practice, and you were supposed to have good control. This one gal, however, she kept dropping guys to the mat by the simple technique of a swift kick to the balls.

We were all relative beginners, and we weren’t polished to the point of being able to stop her favorite technique. So, unable to stop her fun, we would struggle up, past faced and near puking, bow, and continue.

And she would shrug and say here technique was just an accident.

But these weren’t accident, and there was a look on her face that showed she was hiding deep pleasure.

What it was with this girl I don’t know. Maybe she ended up in an S & M house somewhere. But, when karma comes…

There was an advanced belt watching our class. His name was Jim. And he watched this gal drop guy after guy, and he suddenly stepped onto the mat, and bowed himself into our game. I knew, from the careful way he smiled and set himself up, that something was about to happen.

When it came time for Jim to fight this gal, he bowed, and the match began. She angled slightly to the side, set her self up for her favorite kick to the balls, and then she launched it.

Jimmy slapped her foot to the side and punched her in the gut. Punched her hard.

A look of surprise crossed her face, and pain, and she dropped to her knees.

We all watched in silence, and it was the only time I have ever seen anybody puke on a dojo mat. I have seen blood. Even saw some clown spit once. But puke? I had never seen that.

She puked. And, insult upon injury, after he had apologized for the ‘accident,’ Jim asked her to clean it up.

And she did.

And, you know, she suddenly learned a whole lot of control. Still had her famous kick to the nuts, and got lots of points, but she had learned something about herself…there were no more accidents.

And the rest of us? We had been bred not to hit a girl. Jim, however, being further along in the arts, knew that the true art didn’t differentiate between male and female.kicked nuts

This has been a story about a kick to the nuts.

7 thoughts on “She Kicked Them in the Nuts and Thought It was Funny!

    1. aganzul Post author

      Hi Lewis! Nothing like a kick in the nuts, or a punch in the guts, to make a point, eh? Have a great and wonderful work out today! Al

  1. Anonymous

    i got kicked in the nuts when i wasn’t paying attention by the way i was playing kicked in the balls tag i fell on my knees and got back up after 1 minute she was laughing that frickin drama qween

  2. cool migit

    i got kicked in the nuts by my girlfriend when i was 12 she kicked me there i fell to the ground trying to get up but i chouldnt she takled me her friends were there they took me to her room and they were gigling i got up and they kicked me again i was holding my nuts they left me in the room when i came out i was like with the fuck she said it was because you took my halloween candy i went to sleep on a sofa my balls still hurt i felt like crying but i didn’t i hope she doesnt do it again i dont want to get her mad ever again in my mind i was like you think you can get away kicking my balls and calling yourself stronger you pissed me off i kick your private see how you like it

  3. 9over thousand

    man if someone kicked me in the nuts i will go 10 tails rampage or sage of 6 path or goku super sayin 3 mode and beat her ass

  4. tubbie

    dont overestimate your own abilitys girls boys are still stronger all you have to do is protect yourself or try take the pain then when she thinks your done for say not and turn back and beat her and then if she still thinks that she can still beat you then she underestimated your own strenth


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