The Karate Black Belt and What Happens in the First Moments of a Fight

A Karate Black Belt Fights Back Now!

For a Karate Black Belt, or a Kung Fu Black Belt or some other type of martial artist, the first moments of an attempted mugging are not overwhelming. They don’t experience the shortness of breath, the debilitating fear, or the desire to flee. Instead, the opposite occurs.

learn how to fight

learn how to fight

There are those that don't...and there are those that do!

The karate trained mind gets calmer and more focused, decisions are quick and clear, and it is quickly the gangster that is in trouble. This is because the Karate black belt has trained himself to act this way. Fight or flight are meaningless, and the Karate expert just takes it in stride and goes to work.

In a karate class, or any martial arts training hall, you learn how to look at the incoming fist, really look at it. Most people don’t want to face it, so they close their eyes, shrink back, and they are in a fantasy of denial. Gee, I wish that wasn’t happening to me…WHAM!

But to learn anything a person has to look at it, and in a martial arts class the student is forced to look at it so much that something strange happens. He actually ENJOYS looking at the fist coming towards his face. The mugger thinks he’s got a victim, but, instead, he’s got a rhino by the horn, and that rhino is just starting to focus on him!

Looking at a hard punch coming towards the face is just the first step in the martial arts training procedure. Once the initial fear is overcome, and the student is able to watch a hard fist coming towards him without experiencing the fear, he learns how to judge that fist. He becomes able to make decisions right in the middle of a fight.

This is the reason that there are so many techniques to memorize in most martial arts. Kenpo has some 500 techniques, and karate and Taekwondo have 20 to 50 fighting patterns (forms, or kata) to memorize. Of course, this unfortunately lengthens the amount of time necessary to get a person to black belt, but that is easily surmounted.

To make training quicker one needs to learn how to deal with the martial arts in a more conceptual manner. Not the memorizing of techniques, but the understanding of the various but simple concepts behind a karate punch, a taekwondo kick, or a kung fu drill. Once the concept is understood, training becomes incredibly fast.

The problem with concepts is not understanding them, but isolating them. The martial arts have become so inbred, so twisted together, that it is near impossible to separate and make understandable these simple concepts. Thus, the karate black belt, or the kung fu expert, or other martial artists, often take too long in their training.

The only solution to this too lengthy time in training is in Matrix Martial Arts. Matrixing is a logic that simplifies the various arts, and makes them ten times easier to learn. Thus, to become a karate black belt, or a Kung Fu black belt, or an expert in any field of martial arts is now much quicker.

karate black belt

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