Martial Arts Discipline and Living in a Dark Room

1974, martial arts discipline and enlightenment, and the phrase…

‘For something to be true, the opposite must also be true.’

I was awake.

martial arts discipline

We are all monkeys until...martial arts discipline

The funny thing about being awake is that you are no smarter. You’re more aware, but you still have a learning curve as to things of the world. It’s like having a light in a dark room, you realize that everybody has a light, but yours is the only one that is on.

Without discipline that light stays off. For me, without the martial arts that light might as well never have been.

As you do martial arts discipline more and more, gain more and more discipline, the light shines brighter and brighter, and the room becomes illuminated.

Mind you, everybody else is still staggering around, bumping into walls and tripping over objects. You can see, and you can see them, but they haven’t turned their own personal lights on, so they are still in the dark.

The big breakthrough was realizing what ‘For something to be true, the opposite must also be true,’ really means.

The universe is a dichotomy. It is a series of twos. It is opposition, and in the contrast we have a motor. Every thing in the universe has this built in opposition. ¬†Every cell, every machine, every planet…everything. The universe is a motor.

Human beings mirror each other. They form a motor whenever they meet. The unfortunate aspect of this is that the minds hook up, and the human beings think they are one. They are one motor, but without the stressing of individuality, the ‘oneness’ is a lie.

You must be an individual to make a motor effective; the more individual you are, the stronger are your motors.

Martial Arts disciplinemakes you stronger as an individual.

The martial arts are unique in that they confront the conflict between human beings in a real and physical manner. As you train and strengthen yourself, the motor goes intuitive. No other discipline does this, as no other discipline mocks up the conflict between human beings in this workable and realizable manner.

There’s more, a whole world more, but only if your light is on, only if you have become intuitive and know that you are awake. Know that, and you can illuminate the world. Know the martial arts, study the martial arts discipline, and awake.

martial arts discipline

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