Your Bad Kung Fu Ruins My Day! It’s All Your Fault!

The Truth About Bad Kung Fu!

Talking about Bad Kung Du, you should understand that  Kung Fu, means a skill acquired over time. The implication is over time through hard work. And you can have kung fu in anything. You could have kung fu in cooking, if you had invested your awareness in not burning the soup of a while.

And, you can always have better kung fu.

Now, I was talking to a friend this morning, and he was remarking on how much time he was spending working his workaday job, and how it wasn’t what he wanted to do, and he wanted to do kung fu, and he didn’t want to hang around people, and maybe he should just chuck it all and go live in the remote wilderness.

My opinion, which I was gentle in sharing, is that if you’re miserable, you should learn how to enjoy the misery.

There was a guy who drove an ice cream truck for ten years, and he saved every cent he made, and started a restaurant…Benihana.

He paid in misery, and took out his dream. I’ll bet that every time the squalling brats got to him, he put on a smiley face and thought of the restaurant he was planning in his head.

So, you want good kung fu, learn to enjoy the misery.

And, he didn’t go out into the wilderness and do his dreams, or practice cooking for himself. He stayed in the fray, forced himself to stay on the front lines, and let the misery tune up his mind and hone his senses.

Look, here’s the point I want to get to: the universe is a mirror. It reflects whatever is going on in you. If you’re miserable…then do something to change it. Whether it takes ten seconds or ten years, the answer is still in you. And when you have good kung fu you’ll find the answer.

That said, you want the real and honest works every time without fail 100% guaranteed fix for misery? I’m serious. This is foolproof. You do what I tell you in the next sentence every time you are miserable and within a couple of minutes you not only won’t be miserable, you’ll be flying high.

Look around at the people around you and start cheering them up.

Yeah. That’s the secret of gold.

So you think you’re miserable? How about that guy with failing kidneys and no teeth and no hope and he lost his leg in the war and his children hate him and then they all died and…do you get it?

When you say that you are miserable, then you have bad kung fu. Furthermore, you are a selfish brat going around saying, “Me…me…me!”

What you should be doing is going to the people around you and saying “hello! How you doing? Got a great joke for you!” That’s not me, me, me…or you, you, you…or bad kung fu. That is taking the universe and shaking the fun out of it.

And, tell the truth…what else you got? I mean, it’s a choice! It’s a viewpoint! So get yourself out of that bad kung fu, and start making life fun.


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