How to Learn Karate the Right Way

A Better Method to Learn Karate the Right Way!

People think that to learn karate has to be hard and long. Actually, you do have to work hard, but if you really want to learn karate, and learn it fast, you have to work smart.

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Learning Martial Arts doesn't have to be hard!

The majority of Classical Karate systems teach Karate through the Heian forms. They were originally called Pinan forms, but Gichin Funakoshi changed them.

These were the forms taught the to Okinawan Imperial Bodyguards. They were also taught to the Japanese Imperial Bodyguards, and to the Korean Bodyguards. These forms really worked to bring out the true spirit of Karate.

The fact is that the forms are filled with karate movements that can be used to disarm samurai. And, they can be worked in this day and age to take out the street thug with the greatest of ease.

Originally, these forms were taught right out of the box. A new bodyguard would start with the first Pinan, and then proceed through the entire five. When the art of Karate was introduced to the school children of Okinawa, however, a more gentle gradietn was needed. It was difficult for the children to remember the moves without a little more work on the basics. The solution was in the forms known as Kebons, or basic forms.

There are varying numbers of Kebons, depending on what art you are studying. Some versions of classical karate have three beginning kata, some have five, and the number, and even the content of these karate kata changes from art to art.

Isn’t it interesting that basics can change? They shouldn’t be able to change, and arts that are taught effectively and lose fewer students tend to stick to a basic set of basic forms.

To move to a later form of Karate, Kenpo Karate, they have one form, and it is taught the same in all Kenpo schools.

With this in mind, I decided that there shoujld only be one basic beginning form in Karate, and I developed the ‘House’ form.

Interestingly, the ‘House’ kata is being picked up by a vast number of schools and styles. Not just Karate, these schools teach House, and they don’t deviate. House is always taught the same, and there is a reason for this: you can’t argue with the simple arrangement and logic of the thing.

What is also interesting is that as students spend a little time on this beginning form, they start extracting advanced techniques out of it. Defenses for two strikes, pressure point strikes, even grab arts, are contained in the simple form that, on the surface, looks like just a better arrangement of basics.

I know some people want to hold to the old, classical karate methods, but if they tried the House Kata they would find a better way of teaching students, a better way of retaining students, and a better way of moving their students into advanced material. House Kata is simply the best method if you want to learn karate the right way.

You can learn more about Mouse Kata and how to learn karate the right way if you pop over to Monster Martial Arts.
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4 thoughts on “How to Learn Karate the Right Way

  1. nonsensei

    I have some critical notes regarding this topic.

    I believe that your train of thought is based on the notion that ‘basics change, so there are no right basics being taught at all.’ That is simply incorrect. The concept of ‘the basics’ is very abstract and means that students have to master the basic kicks, punches and stances seperately before they can combine and use them freely in battle. Same goes for mathematics: if you can’t do 1+1, then you surely won’t be able to do any advanced mathematics either.

    The basics can be learned in multiple ways, but that does not mean that those different styles are completely different movesets. It is a gray zone that holds many different aspects and moves, from which every school can derive their own style and methods, which they consider to be the best tools to learn karate.

    The beauty of the variety is that everyone will be able to find the style that fits him or her the best. The House form will not work equally well for everyone, just like all those other styles and different forms of ‘basics’.

    Saying that there should be only one set of ‘basics’ is rather short-sighted, in my opinion. Denying the fact that variety in basics can also bring forth different styles, just as much as one set of basics, could be problematic. I realise that this is mainly a peptalk for your merchandise, and I’m sure your House form can be a great tool or addition to the existing gray zone of basics, but to put that form above all other forms that are in use now is almost disrespectful.

    Kind regards and the best of luck with your philosophy on karate.


    1. aganzul Post author

      Nonsensei! I love your monicker. And, I thank you for your observations. I wrote a blog, “Why Shaolin Kung Fu Will Never Be a Submarine!” which explains certain things about basics, why they are, and why, barring certain differences in the body, must be the same. Physics dictate what a basic is, and that is a truth of the universe. To sum: basics are like one, two, three. You can’t have a different one, two, three. If you do have a different one, two, three…you will have corrupted mathematics. This is true for martial arts, also. I recommend The Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts for a complete definition of basics, and a compelte resurrection of true art. Thanks for commenting, and have a great work out. Al

  2. Collin

    Such a great and informative post. This will help people to know the better method to learn Karate the right way in karate! Thanks for sharing and keep posting!


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