The True Martial Arts Power of Classical Karate

Classical Karate Makes for True Martial Arts Power!

When I said true martial arts power in Classical Karate, I should have included other classical martial arts like Kung Fu, or Kenpo, or other form based arts.

That said, the more pure the martial arts system you study the more power you will have. If you have trained in a system that is pure, you will know of what I am saying in this article. If you have trained in one that has fallen to fighting and tournaments and that sort of thing, chances are you will not.

martial arts power

You don't have to fight if you know classical karate!

I first experienced true power while at the Kang Duk Won, and it was in the oddest manner. Years of learning classical karate, sweating through the forms, enduring the never ending string of bruises from applying what I had learned in bunkai (form applications) and kumite (freestyle, or free fighting), and one day I was put in a position where I was going to have to use what I had learned.

I was working a night shift and catching a few winks in the afternoon. Suddenly I was awoken by shouting voices and barking. I looked out the window and saw two big guys trying to kick my dog. A little girl was holding her little dog and standing to the side.

“Hey!” I yelled, and the confrontation began, and a few gruff sentences later ended with…”Come down here and we’ll kick your ass, too!”

So I pulled on some pants and went out to meet the foe.

Now, I had figured out that my dog had jumped the fence, and I wasn’t happy about that, but two guys kicking my dog?

So I went out the gate, turned left, and they stood some twenty feet away, tightening their fists, hunching their shoulders, and trying to look tough.

One of the things I had learned at the Kang Duk Won was that looking tough meant nothing. All that mattered was the meat and bone you were willing to put into the action. So I wasn’t cowed, I was determined, but…I began to analyze the situation.

I had been trained to get calmer in combat, not m0re excited, and I now took note of the little girl. My dog had jumped fence, tried to play with her dog, she got scared, two bully boys had come to her rescue. Ha!

I began to walk slower, and I began to look, really look, at the bullies.

They had thought they were going to beat up some guy and save the day, but they hadn’t figured on the Kang Duk Won.

Let me tell you something about true Karate, or kung fu, or whatever pure–note that I said pure–martial art you study.

The martial arts are a community of men that stretch back through time. They are a motor, a generator of awesome energy and power. The more pure your study, the more you are able to tap into that power.

As I walked slower and slower, my eyes focused more and more, things got calmer and calmer, and the power behind me began to build.

Oh, it was me, just me–with about a hundred thousand, placid-faced, eyeball boring orientals behind me.

The two guys began to shake and sweat. By the time I was ten feet away their legs were noticeably giving way, and I knew that I had gone too far, and that bad things were about to happen to them. Down deep, in the psyche.

I stopped, and I…smiled.

Oh, the relief that came off them.

“Did my dog get loose?”

They tried to hold on to their tough guy persona then, babbling about how my dog was picking on the little dog, and all that, but it was over.

I turned to my dog, a big German Shepherd, and scolded him, “What a knucklehead! Get back in the yard!” And, glory to the gods, the mutthead actually obeyed me, slinking like he thought I was mad, and went back along the walk and through the gate.

Then I turned to the fellows and thanked them, said nice things to the little girl and her doggie, and we all parted friends.

But that was the day that I learned that the study of classical karate resulted in true martial arts power, and how that power could be used not to fight, but to end fighting.

classical karate

True Martial Arts Power

4 thoughts on “The True Martial Arts Power of Classical Karate

  1. Rob

    Very good story. After 46 years of studying martial arts I totally agree with you. The warrior is meant to be the protector and peace maker not the assailant. Thanks.


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