Karate Mind…or the Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Karate Mind refers to mushin no shin, which is an old Japanese term meaning ‘Mind of no Mind.’

I’ve got a student, he’s been studying with me for some three or four months, and he came in the other day and described the most unusual experience.

mushin no shinHe was doing something, and something fell on him, and he suddenly moved, circled his arms, and deflected the object. The odd thing was the way he described his state of mind.

“Everything slowed down! My arms just moved. It was so clean and uncluttered and I wasn’t thinking about anything!”

He entered Mushin no shin, you see. He put aside his mind, and dealt with his problem directly. The human being. Without mind.

I know it is ‘Mind of no mind,’ but I often call it ‘Time of no time.’ Or, he entered No Time.

He wasn’t prone to the rules of the universe. He didn’t have reaction time. His muscles didn’t fight each other to do something. He just moved.

Now, that it would me some three or four months to get a person to this point is sort of a miracle. In Japan they talk about decades of study, seven years to enlightenment, and some people never making it.

But I do it in three or four months. Regularly.

So what is my secret?


The martial arts are taught in a big lump, all the tricks are taught randomly, with no regard for order, let alone logic.

And this is compounded by the fact that they are all cross bred, entwined, mixed up.

But, when you teach them in a logical format, such as I have devised in Matrixing, then the logic becomes easy to absorb, actually sweeps the student up and moves him along.

The mind, you see, likes to be put aside. That a person is constantly fighting with his mind is one of the great tragedies of the martial arts, and of mankind. The mind should be a simple tool that one picks up, puts aside, uses as he wishes.

When a fist is flying at your face, you don’t want to use your mind. You want to put it aside and get to work. No distractions.

The mind likes what is logical and simple. It puts the mind to rest. The Karate mind heaves a great sigh of relief and goes to sleep.

Karate Mind


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