Martial Arts Weapons: Hiding Them From the Police

Martial Arts Weapons Protection!

This article on Martial Arts Weapons walks a fine line. On one hand, I can’t recommend anything that smacks of breaking the law. On the other hand, what do you do when the police break the law?

martial art weapon

Monkey Boxing is the best Way to Learn Weapons!

That the police do break the law is plain and obvious. A small picture of this is the fact that one of my martial arts students had her engraved arnis sticks confiscated by the police, and they were somehow ‘lost’ when she tried to get them back. She was on her way to class, the sticks were in plain sight on the passenger seat, but her explanations were brushed aside by less than honorable cops.

A larger picture is presented by Hurricane Katrina, when the police went through neighborhoods and confiscated all weapons. This is breaking the law–the Constitution, to be exact–and when the police were done gangs of thugs followed along. Thus, the simple truth is that the police, when they feel like it, will ignore the law of the land and do what they feel like, or worse, what they have been ordered to.

A quick aside, before we get on with this article, one of the most stark examples of this is when cops refer to citizens in demeaning tones when the citizens start quoting the constitution. This sad fact points to an elite that has put themselves above the law. The problem is even more powerful and insidious when one considers that the police oath of honor charges them with protecting the constitution.

This all said, understanding that there are good cops, but there are also bad cops who do not respect the constitution, how do you go about getting past the bad cops, and without breaking the law? One answer is to ask to be arrested. The other is to hide and disguise your weaponry. 

To ask to be arrested is an interestingly dilemma for the cop. If he arrests you, after you have made known your concerns about him breaking the law by taking away your right to self protection, he is opening himself up to lawsuits of magnitude. You can expect, should you choose this avenue, that he will do everything in his power to bully you, to intimidate you, and you should have the cameras rolling because you can expect he’ll look for a way to trip you, shove you, or otherwise put you in a compromised position of having to fight back.

To hide your weapons is the best answer. This involves blending the weapon with the body line, covering it naturally, and yet leaving it accessible. This is if you want to protect your expensive, quality handgun, knife, or whatever.

A better way is to learn good martial arts, and dummy down the weapon. A table leg made of hard wood, with the screw tips exposed, can sit on the car seat next to you, be placed next to the house door, or whatever. Or, another weapon that can be placed in plain sight…break a shop tool so it has sharp edges, and wrap the handle with duc tape.

There are many creative ways of making and hiding and handling every day objects that be used for real self defense. As mentioned earlier, however, one should arrange to have a camera rolling, and even uploading to the net simultaneously. This is the best way to protect yourselves from cops gone bad, and of making sure that you retain possession of your martial arts weapons.

If you want to learn more about martial arts weapons, the Blinding Steel Course is highly recommended. This course takes you through drills and exercises from basics to effective disarms. If a bad person actually wanted to take your Martial Arts weapons away from you, shouldn’t you be able to turn the tables?

martial arts weapons

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