Baguazhang Kung Fu Energy Flux…The Secret Nobody Knows

Baguazhang Kung Fu Energy Flux Secret

Baguazhang Kung Fu is one of those rare martial arts that excites the imagination. One hears tales of the fantastic things the old Baguazhang masters could do, and they want to do them, too. Unfortunately, most Baguazhang schools are not training in the correct manner.

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Mind you, you will still develop fantastic abilities, but it will take time, long amounts of time, and it shouldn’t. Fix one thing, you see, and that esoteric martial art becomes simple, and has immense benefits. That one thing has to do with establishing and pursuing the correct energy flux.

The body is actually a motor, and it is constructed of smaller motors. One of the motors deals with something I call a ‘Flux,’ or an energy field. This energy field puts out what is commonly called chi power or chi energy.

Thus, when one is speaking about an energy field, or chi power, or that sort of thing, they are talking about manifesting and extending the energy field around the body. With the right type of practice one can grow this energy field and use energy beyond the body, experience all sorts of different perceptions, and so on. The problem is that while the martial arts in general promote this field of energy, they never teach how to align this energy.

The first step, of course, is to use the body as one unit, which is something I call CBM, or ‘Coordinated Body Motion.’ The second step is to align the flow of energy through the practice of such arts as Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua, and so on. Tai Chi Chuan is brilliant for this, but it deals with moving masses of energy, not aligning the specific energies of the body.

Baguazhang Kung Fu is the best martial art in existence for aligning the flux, but, as stated earlier, most people don’t understand it, let alone do it. The problem is that Baguazhang Kung Fu has evolved from other martial arts, and so follows established energy patterns. Thus, one must figure out how to rid oneself of established patterns and create a whole new type of Bagua.

The three rules are: if you turn the foot in one direction, the hips must turn in the same direction. If you turn the hips in one direction, you must turn the arms in the same direction. If you turn the arms in one direction, you must turn the hands in the same direction.

Now, examine your martial art and see if your Baguazhang movements follow these principles. You will see, without much argument, that the movements go in different directions, for combat reasons, to get along with certain lineages that fed into Bagua, and so on, that many motions actually oppose, and there you have found the break up and destruction of the budding energy flux. The solution is to go through your Baguazhang Kung Fu and change the movements so that all movements go in the same direction.

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