Martial Arts School Shut Down for Being too Good!

Martial Arts School Owner Thinking of Shutting Down Before He Starts Up!

The Martial Arts School Problem

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Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

A Martial Arts School can be fun, profitable, a tax write off, a way to help kids, and dozens of other things. The odd thing is that many people don’t want to start up a martial arts school because they are worried that they might not be ‘official’ enough.

They might know several arts, be so incredibly skilled, and yet, this credential thing is a bugaboo.
The state hasn’t certified me, all the other martial arts schools/associations/whatever are going to question me.
Now, to be clear, I sell martial arts CDs and DVDs on the net, and you would be shocked at how many people have this consideration.
They don’t think of the fact that in the beginning there was no school, no organization, and nobody to certify anybody, and that the first schools to open were all ‘unofficial.’
First off, the state doesn’t certify anybody, and even if they did, that is no guarantee a martial art is worth anything. Society is built from the bottom up, not the top down, and one unarguable fact of life is that the state seems to always get it wrong.
Second, most organizations are VERY political in nature. There is the usual backbiting, gossip, and bushwah that accompanies any organization.
Third, the most important thing isn’t your certificate, it is whether you are competent. Do you know how to teach? Do you have something to teach? THEN WTF IS STOPPING YOU?
Society needs people who makes strong bodies and sharp minds.
The above all stated, let me offer you an answer I posed to one fellow who wrote me with this consideration of ‘what will I do when the guy who runs the school down the street asks me if i am ‘official?’

The Martial Arts School Answer

If you opened a hardware store and were selling hammers, would the guy who owned the hardware store on the next street come in and say, “You can’t sell hammers! They are inferior to mine!” (Or, grin, they are superior to mine). And if he did, what would you say? Would you say, ‘Oh, I guess you’re right. My hammers aren’t as good ( aren’t as bad, grin) and I know my prices are a little better than yours, so I’ll stop selling hammers and saws and everything, I’ll go back to digging ditches because, even though I never met you and don’t know who you are, somebody said you’re important…’
So, I know some people will say this analogy isn’t fair, the martial arts are more than hammers, and they might be right, but…the bottom line is that competence should be the issue here. And, if the other guy doesn’t like what you’re doing, then he’s got a problem, not you. Your only problem is whether what you are doing works.
So think on that, and think on this…do you think the fellow who runs the hammer store on the next street ever took the time to read the AIKIDO ARTICLE? Did he think about his art? Did he ever use the data to rethink what he is doing and come up with solutions?
Or is he just monkey see monkey do like everybody else in the history of the martial arts?
And I do know that this analogy is a bit unfair, there are incredible martial artists out there, but the point is…are they improving themselves? Looking for new ways? Because that is what is important.
A fellow name of Bill Wallace earned his black belt in some six months, and then went on to win just about every tournament in the United States. Yes, he was unique, but why can’t we all be that unique?
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2 thoughts on “Martial Arts School Shut Down for Being too Good!


    In China in the old days, If someone questioned your martial qualifications, the answer was to ask “Can you offer me some instruction?”


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