Advanced Methods of Learning Martial Arts and the Three Types of Thought

Learning Martial Arts With New Method!

Learning Martial Arts should be easy, but some martial art teachers would have you believe that it takes years and years, decades. And, here is the unfortunate truth, it is these same martial arts teachers that are making it difficult to learn. Most people, you see, teach by the most inefficient method possible.

learning martial arts

Learning Martial Arts is Actually Easy!

This article is going to be about the three methods of human thought and how those methods impact on the instruction of such arts as karate or kung fu. Just understanding the four methods of thought changes the way people think. This can make learning martial arts as simple as falling off a log.

The first thing to understand is that people try to see the whole picture. They look at the world, try to understand it, try to make it make sense, and this method of thought is called Mosaic. This is the method for savages, for people who require a science of chipping stone arrowheads, but no higher abstract is needed.

As mankind progress linear thought appears, and this is the sequencing of orderly pieces of data. This includes ABCs, numbers, different arrangement of data so as to facilitate the absorption process that is learning. This is a much more efficient way of learning, and of creating abstracts of data which are necessary to create a society, and a functioning human being in that society.

The martial artist is caught between the mosaic and the linear. He is learning sequences of techniques, but they are out of order, muddled, don’t make sense. Consider a technology described by the alphabet of 3, R, 2, $, 5, cat, 6, re, watermelon…that is what the martial arts look like.

Because of matrixing, however, the techniques and general knowledge necessary to learning martial arts have been put in proper order. The result is a new method of learning, for which I coin the phrase ‘matrixing.’ In this method one assimilates the pictures (completed mosaics) fast enough to input strings of whole pictures…no data, but whole and completed pictures.

The only difficulty in this method is that people are often caught and muddled by other methods that they can’t put aside those methods for matrixing. A martial arts master who has learned by the linear method might not be able to put aside that linear method for the matrixing method. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does happen the martial artist should probably just continue with his methods and stay away from matrixing.

The end result of learning with matrixing is that the mind becomes intuitive, gets used to working the right way, and all sorts of other subjects are quickly and easily absorbed. People have been using Matrixing to learn school subjects like English, how to work the internet, how to shoot video,  how to coach football teams, and so on, with incredible results. The best way to learn matrixing, however, is through learning martial arts with it first.

 learning martial arts

1 thought on “Advanced Methods of Learning Martial Arts and the Three Types of Thought

  1. Kirby

    Yes, I agree that martial arts should easy to learn. As one reality based teacher says,If you can’t master any self-defense move in five minutes then it is either too complicated or too impractical.


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