Seven Ways To Protect Your Home From Home Invasion!

Over 8,000 Home Invasions a Day in the US!

Used to be the home was where you were safe, but the unfortunate fact, however, is that home intruders, home invasion, has actually become a big crime. I came up with the following seven methods for protecting your home after being a landlord at a large apartment house. I speak from an apartment point of view, but rest assured that what I say here can be used to protect homes or even vehicles.

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Don't let people pick on you!

Let there be light! You should have simple, motion detector lights installed around your premises. The secret of a crook, you see, is that he doesn’t want to be seen, he wants to blindside you, and shedding a little light on the subject works better than an alarm system.

Don’t walk down that path! Locks on doors and gates go a long way, but loud noises work even better. You would be shocked at how well hanging some loud bells on a door or gate will work, because thugs not only don’t want to be seen, they don’t want to be heard.

His bark is worse than his bite! The most efficient burglar alarm in the world is a dog. It doesn’t even have to be a big dog…he will wake you, he will take you to the burglar, he costs pennies a day, and he loves your kids!

The Chop-o-matic works! Having a sharpened machete right next to a door, maybe on top of a bureau, in a closet, or some other place out of kids reach, is a great thing to have. No, you don’t want to have to use it, but swinging a foot of shiny knife at some fool will stop him from thinking about coming in the door.

Know who all your neighbors are, but don’t give the bad guys a clue! Slide those curtains closed enough so the home invasion expert can’t see you. Take note of any suspicious people who happen to travel through your area.

A friendly neighborhood protects itself! Meeting all your neighbors, making them friends, goes a long way. Set up a neighborhood watch, let each other know when you are going to be away!

Learn kung fu, or Karate, or some other method of quick self defense. There are schools everywhere, and you can even get a good dose of self defense if you want to learn Karate Online! People who are confident in their abilities to protect themselves will better survive home invasion, or any kind of criminal activity.

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One thought on “Seven Ways To Protect Your Home From Home Invasion!

  1. gooddefence

    As a former victim of home invasion, and a self defense fanatic, I believe this post to be extremely beneficial to the reader! One can never be too careful, and any one of the things that you have mentioned in your post can make the difference between life and death. Thank you for raising people’s awareness!!!


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