Truth and The Master Instructor Martial Arts Course!

Is the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course for Real?

Got a letter recently about the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course
from a fellow who objected
to my claim that
the Master Instructor Course
is the only course of its kind,
it is the only course that teaches how to teach.
I can understand his objections.
I’m sort of surprised
I haven’t got other objections of this sort.
After all,
the world is filled with people who teach,
institutions who make teachers,
and that sort of thing.
my claim holds,
and let me tell you why.
martial arts teacher

Master Instructors Rule!

One of the things I say about matrixing

is that the martial arts have had a long time
to get screwed up.
Everybody adds stuff,
twists stuff,
mixes stuff,
has vested interest runs a tournament makes money and so on.
Don’t you think that the same holds true for education?
Did you like school?
A lot of people didn’t,
and this is in spite of well meaning teachers with…
too many tools.
teaching is simple.
But the world would have it be complex.
So the government runs education,
educators have exalted opinions,
book companies want to make money
and the result is educational systems
that are top heavy
take too long to get a diploma
and so on.
I know this is true
because I was a teacher once.
Ran a school with my wife.
To continue,
I was doing work for an architect once,
I saw him working late
every night
and I asked him,
‘Why don’t you hire
some smart guy out of school
to come in and do that work.’
He told me he couldn’t.
He said,
‘these young smart guys know everything
except how the world works.’
He told me of the time he built a school,
had a young guy inspect the property
so they could lay out the football field.
He was overwhelmed with reports and plans and rules and regulations and studies and…stuff.
And the smart, young kid never saw the sinkhole in the middle of the field.
The kid did everything he was taught in school,
but he never walked out on the field
and looked around.
He knew too much,
and didn’t know how to open his eyes.
On the other hand,
do you think a 13 year old kid could drive a car?
Sure he could.
it would be easy after learning how to drive that durn skateboard!
You see,
the drive and the initiative
hasn’t been schooled out of the 13 year old.
I know there are all sorts of problems with this analogy,
but it still makes the point.
Learning is simple.
Or should be,
if you could get all the people
who make money
who have power
who get to make regulations
out of the way.
learn martial artsThe Master Instructor Martial Arts Course is based upon simplicities
that people generally overlook
after they have gone to school.
What a statement,
But it’s true.
consider what a college course
for a martial arts instructor
would look like.
take courses on sports biology
take courses on sports medicine
take courses on insurance regulations
take courses on legal implications
take courses on similar sports fields
write a thesis supporting some bizarre and arcane theory
pay your tuition regularly
Oh, and take a karate class.
all that study and larnin’ and time and money,
and all you have to do is teach a kid how to do a low block.
I know,
I overstated it,
but there is a simplicity in here
that shouldn’t be overlooked.
compare that to the Master Instructor Martial Arts Course.
Two DVDs
and a book with all the theory
That’s 100 simple pages
with the following information…
the exact data on how to structure the body
the exact data on how to develop internal energy
the exact method for teaching
the seven corrections to make perfect form
the six secrets to make any technique work
And that’s all there is!
And you can’t argue with it!
I’ve been selling the course for several years now,
nobody has ever found anything wrong with it,
and I’ve got 60 master instructors
People who have taken the course
who use the material on it every day
teach thousands of people
They know that they can’t change what is on the master instructor course.
you can’t argue with the truth of the universe.
I’ve had a standing offer,
find anything wrong with the course
and I will send you three courses
Nobody has ever won this one,
they can’t.
The course is simply right.
It has never been added to by educators
regulated by politicians
or otherwise messed up.
I know there are people out there
who are good instructors.
I have a feeling the guy who wrote me the letter
is probably pretty good,
bases his instruction
on the real world.
And I know that some instructors have even figured some of this stuff out
but nobody has ever put it all together
in one simple course.
This course is not a government course,
it has not been put out by an institution,
it is the sweet, simple truth of martial arts
and how to teach them.
I stand by my claim.
lots of good things coming up,
I will be making an announcement
about The Great Matrixing Tour.
I have a couple of video courses in the works,
and a couple of books,
and some other stuff.
stay tuned.
Things are about to get very exciting.
Here’s the URL
for the Master Instructor Course
 martial arts course
The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.  ~David Friedman
The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts.~Morihei Ueshiba
This page has been about the monster martial arts master instructor course.

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