Gangs Learn Martial Arts by Joining the Military!

Join a Gang and Learn Martial Arts?

This is an awful notion, that a gang member could learn martial arts by joining the army. The sad truth, however, is that gang recruitment is up, severely, and these gangs are actually using the military for training in martial arts, combat weapons, and all manner of skills. This could be utterly terrifying, if you think about it, a gang member being trained as a soldier and then turned loose on the streets of America.

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That the number of these criminals enlisting in the military is up is without a doubt. According to the FBI there has been a sizable 40 per cent rise in gang membership since 2009. These are people reared in the gang society, don’t have work, and the military presents a viable option for earning a living.

To be truthful, many gang members join the military with the desire to get out of the gang life. Once in the military, however, they find a culture of gangsters in the armed services. These gangsters go about enlisting new gang members, and picking up any ‘strays’ that are attempting to leave the gang life.

The FBI further says that they have evidence that over fifty different gangs, representing all the major gangs, have presence in the armed forces. These gangsters come from 100 different areas of the country. This is a rather large segment of the population.

The FBI also claims that that only are gang members joining the military, but other undesirable types are finding a home there. Members of Outlaw Motorcycle gangs have been joining the army. There have even been instances of prison gangs signing up.

That this criminal element is becoming a serious threat to homeland harmony is obvious. These budding felon types can get military hardware, such as machine guns, and even explosive devices. All too often these criminal types join the army reserve, then go home on leave and share the training.

One thing these gangsters can do, once they have joined the military, is use military resources to enhance their criminal activity. Apparently gang members have been able to use military computers to search for potential areas to expand their criminal activities. Gang members have actually searched military database and communication systems to deal in drugs.

To summarize, it is hard to know what to do about this situation. The military needs intelligent men, and a clever gang member fits the need. At any rate, that bad people could learn martial arts, and actually use other facets of military training is something the federal government may have to meet.

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3 thoughts on “Gangs Learn Martial Arts by Joining the Military!

  1. mikevolkin1

    Good article, but I am not so sure about this. I went through basic training and only learned very basic martial arts skills. For an equivalent amount of martial arts training, a “gang member” could sign up for a couple classes with a local instructor.

    1. aganzul Post author

      You’re right. The real prob is going to be weapons, unless the gangster gets some kind of advanced training. Easy to do, might have the temperment…I don’t know. Still, the overall prob is there. Thanks for commenting. Al

  2. bre7714, I had no idea this was going on. My journalistic beat is martial arts, and I’ve always felt safer knowing that people with martial arts training are out there. However, gangs making use of the military to learn martial arts is a terrifying concept. Gang violence is terrifying enough with members who are untrained brutes. To give them formal training and set them loose is infinitely more horrifying.
    I sincerely hope that the military does something about this to prevent gang members from taking advantage of the organization that is meant to make our country safer, not less so. I know that if my Taekwondo master was training martial arts in the military, he would recognize the warning signs and take action. The problem is, it’s hard to identify these warning signs other than on a “gut instinct” basis. It’s hard to put something like that on paper and pursue it on a formal level.


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