Martial Arts Report Launches Big Time!

Martial Arts Report Is Off the Ground!

Martial Arts Report is a unique newscast created by Alex Roderiquez and Daniel Martine. It deals with all manner of effective martial arts. In the works are programs aimed towards classical martial arts, Hollywood Martial Arts, and, of course, there is intense focus on Mixed Martial Arts.

martial arts tvThe first program is out in podcast form. This is highly effective, as both Daniel and Alex are intelligent, quick, and highly personable. It will be extremely interesting to watch as these two professionals morph their method of delivery into full on video style broadcasting. The first official newscast is scheduled for February 1, 2012.

Daniel Martine is the chief creative officer of Martial Arts Report, and he is a long time martial arts practitioner. Interestingly, he has also spent some time in Hollywood, and the list of martial arts stars he has worked with or rubbed elbows with is quite impressive. We are talking about such luminaries as the late Steve James, Paolo Tocha, Benny Urquidez, Mathias Hues, Steven Seagal, Maurice Travis, Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock, Kathy Long, Al Leong, Dennis Alexio, and Jean Claude Van Damme, among others. In addition to a hard core sensibility towards martial arts, he has some incredible stories to share.

Alex Roderiguez is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Martial Arts Report. Alex is expert in Hapkido, JKD, and is propelled by a life long love affair with the martial arts. This combination of Hapkido and Jeet Kune Do gives him a classical outlook, tempered with an innovative viewpoint. In the first podcast offered by Martial Arts Report he talks of the spiritual side of the martial arts, and how walking on to a mat is like walking into a cathedral. His passion is evident, and his love is plain. A man with this type and degree of passion is always interesting to listen to.

Martial Arts Report is a concept which is extremely timely. Martial Arts is the only genre in Hollywood which actually can support itself, the fan base is that wide, and that intense. Further, with the increasing violence in America, and the need for compassionate self discipline, this program is cutting edge.

2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Report Launches Big Time!

  1. Daniel Martine

    Thanks so much for your terrific review of ‘On the Mat’ with Daniel and Alex. This podcast is the initial rollout from As you stated, we will be rolling out new programming over the next few weeks and months. There is no question that both Alex and i are passionately committed to our involvement with the martial arts community. Martial Arts Report is the result.

    Thank you once again for the props. Best of luck to you and your own ventures.

    Daniel Martine
    CCO/Martial Arts


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