Kung Fu Stops Suicide and Saves Lives!

Use Your Kung Fu Today!

Speaking of Kung Fu, I remember reading about a kid in China some hundred years ago. He was depressed with life, didn’t want to go on, so he hung himself from a tree. He’s hanging there, swaying, choking his last breath out, and some old fellow comes along and cuts the rope.

kung fu fighting
All Arts ascend, coast, and descend!

This was more than this kid’s lucky day, for the old fellow was a kung fu expert. He took the kid home and taught him the martial arts, and the kid went on to become quite famous, started his own system, and so on. This is a drastic example, but it is not alone. The martial arts are filled with tales of kids who were trouble makers being rescued by training in the martial arts. The martial arts, be them kung fu or karate or whatever, give discipline. Discipline that a child won’t accept at home, he will accept when it is self generated. Further, the no nonsense physical exercise gets a kid to feeling his body, and he/she suddenly realizes how much fun a body is. The mind then starts to get stronger, and the spirit follows right along. At the heart of the martial arts is the desire to survive. To live. To be in charge of the universe. This is at the heart of all life, so it is no wonder that the martial arts works the wonders that it does. Now, on the other side, pills don’t work. They unbalance the body, they don’t fix the body, and any gains are usually pretty temporary. So my advice, when you have a child who is miserable, and that means anything from lackadaisical, unfocused, meandering to hot headed or depressed or just generally unhappy, is get him or her into the martial arts. Don’t threaten, don’t cajole, don’t use the martial arts as a carrot or stick (if you don’t get good grades I’ll take away your martial arts!), they are a lifestyle that fixes, that enhances, that makes a person better physically, mentally and spiritually. I am quite serious when I say that good kung fu, or karate or aikidoi or whatever, stops suicides and saves lives. kung fu

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