Martial Arts Test on How to Deal with a Home Intruder

I first wrote up this martial arts test in my newsletter. I received such good comment on it that I decided to publish it here.

martial arts test

Can you survive?

Where you are, right now, you hear sounds of somebody breaking in. You’ve got ten seconds to get it together and defend yourself. So how many weapons can you find?

The clock is ticking. You can throw the computer. But you might want to leave this room, get the home intruder as he is coming up the stairs, especially if it sounds like there are more than one.

Eight seconds.

Pens and pencils can be used to stab.

Six seconds.

A heavy object easy to throw with sharp edges on it.

Four seconds.

Shove the couch across the doorway.

Two seconds.

Look around, look around…


So what do you have?

As for myself, I’ve got a folding knife on my desk, along with some pens. I’ve also got a mug which I can use to bludgeon and, when it breaks, use to slash and cut. Eight feet away I’ve got three swords. Alas, they do not sharpened edges. Curse me for wasting money on display swords! Twelve feet away, next to the front door, I have escrima sticks. Again. No edges. And, of course, I have lots of things I could throw, but not much that would make a dent in the heat of battle.

Now, mind you, I am not entirely helpless. After forty-five years of martial arts, there are some things I could do with a pencil that would shock you. Obscure the fact that I’ve got it until I can insert it in an ear or an eyeball or through the throat.

And, there are some grab arts I could do with some ordinary objects that would surprise most people.

And, last but not least (grin) I’ve got a dog. A big one. 120 pounds. And his teeth are very big and sharp and gleaming white! Normally he’s a big chicken, but I have seen him go to the door with a snarl and a bark that would frighten king kong.

But, the point of all this has merely been to assess a couple of things.

You will be attacked not when you are prepared, but when you least expect it. That is the law of the universe.

And, to the degree that you are prepared, to that degree you will survive.

So, do you have weapons? Can you make weapons out of anything? Can you use absolutely anything at all for a weapon?

I advise you to keep a sharp knife in every room. And have a machete at some central type of location. And have a sturdy pole, not just a broomstick, but some pole that won’t break.

And, most important, learn how to use them.

Check out the Blinding Steel page.

Remember, anything and everything you touch is a potential weapon, and you have to know how to use it as a weapon. The thug who home invades may not give you the chance to use your cell phone, so your life will literally be in your own hands.

This has been a page about a Martial Arts Test.


1 thought on “Martial Arts Test on How to Deal with a Home Intruder

  1. Brian Johns

    Excellent post. It’s a topic that I talk with my Modern Arnis students often and they can immediately think of several objects that they can use in their own home to defend themselves and have taken prudent steps to ensure their family’s safety. Great points.


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