Bruce Lee Workouts And Developing Real Strength-Part Two

Bruce Lee Workouts!

bruce lee workoutsWhen people do Bruce Lee workouts of some sort they have no idea what they are getting into. They see the movies, they read the books, but they don’t know what Bruce Lee was really capable of. They don’t know just how powerful he really was.

You see, it wasn’t just that he was a martial arts fanatic, a physical cultist, but that he could actually do superhuman feats of strength. I’ve listed a few of the things he could do here, and you should consider them seriously when you do your Bruce Lee workouts routine. It’s more than just push ups and sit ups, you see, it is going beyond the limits of the body.

First, the sheer speed coming out of Bruce Lee training routines is astounding. He could deliver a punch in five one hundredths of second…that’s 0.05 seconds. Try timing that on your stopwatch!

Second, Bruce Lee could hold a 75 pound barbell straight from his body-arm horizontal to the ground-for several seconds. That is a massive feat. Go ahead, pick up a simply kitchen chair and hold it arm’s length, and that is only a few pounds.

Here is your magician’s trick-The Little Dragon could snatch a dime from your open palm and deposit a penny. Man, that is faster than a banker forecloses on a widow! It’s hard enough to just grab a coin from somebody’s palm, let alone leave some change!

Fourth, think you can do a pretty good push up? Try doing one with just the thumb and index finger! His fingers were stronger than your whole arm!

And this one will send the posers packing, Mr. Lee could do 50 one arm chin up repetitions! Let me say that again…that’s FIFTY one hand pull ups. How would you like to have a python as strong as his arm wrapped around your neck?

Sixth, and this is for all those tough guys out there who think that kicks are for kids, Bruce Lee could kick a 300 pound kicking bag and make it hit the ceiling! Now that is rocket launching power! Interestingly, it’s tough to find a 300 pound martial arts kicking bag, and Bruce special ordered his.

Seventh and last, Bruce could hold an elevated V-sit up position for 30 minutes. I would think that that would actually qualify him as a yoga master, in addition to all his other accomplishments. At any rate, think about some of these things when you are doing your own brand of Bruce Lee workouts.

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